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Botham was a centre forward for Scunthorpe but had a contract with them, but the correct player, wrong team.

thought beefy played centre half for them?

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OK Ken and Mr bj,

This lower league English team have been members of the Football League for over 80 years but have only ever won promotion once.

Who are they ?

I'd have to Google it , but with a name like your's is it Macclesfield ?.......... :D

Well,Ken lad,you are correct in the fact that Macc have only been promoted once but we've only been in the league 12 years.....lets hope its not unlucky 13 ! :D

But you are in the right league and it is a club from the North West.

Errr....just a moment,please ! King Ken did not answer my question correctly before firing one of his own :)

Sorry,but I believe this carries an automatic 30 point deduction in the Thai Visa Predictions League :D

FYI,the answer is Rochdale (sorry,mr bj.)

Anyway beano,back to your Botham question....

He was a Somerset lad and,I think,he played non-league for Yeovil but a 3 month contact after Scunthorpe....was it Scarborough ?

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OK,quite an easy one for early Monday morning...

In the late 1980's both these teams were in the top flight of English football.....now they are in non-league.

Who are they ?

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Luton and Oxford ( I think )

Well done,young man ! Your turn now.

Oxford came and went so quickly I'd forgotten about them (Sorry Moss)

Can I have half of your gold star limpy ?.............. :)

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This could run for a while so I'll tell all and ask an easier one.

Answer: Chester City.

Reason: The border with Wales ran through the middle of the ground and the old rule of thumb was that if the Directors sat in Wales they would have to join the Welsh league !!

( All boxes originally faced east so the sun was not in the gaffer's eyes as it went down in the west )

Simple one:

Headington ( later Oxford UTD ) were turned down permission in 1953 for something that Portsmouth ( v Newcastle ) were allowed to do in 1957. What was it ?

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