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My water comes from a deep artesian well and is very hard, with a lot of lime/calcium that leaves chalky white residue on everything. I put in a dual carbon and resin filter. This reduces the problem but still the water is hard and still leaving white spots, stains etc. I have read on the internet about special filtartion devices that employ a salt chamber for softening water but no-one I've spoken to in Thailand seems to know about this. The company that supplied my filter (TMD) tells me the only treatment is resin, which I already have, or reverse osmosis. Would appreciuate hearing from anyone else who has solved this problem, thanks

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In other countries I have seen blocks of reddish mineral compound that people put in their water tanks to soften water. These blocks are about the size of 3 to 4 small house bricks. I haven’t seen these in Thailand, but I haven’t been looking for them.

It may be worth asking around or looking in farming supply shops.


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My family lived out near a river far from civilisation for a few years, and depended on well water (fortunately we had electric). The well water was very brackish, hard, and mineral-laden- it required some SERIOUS filter (by electric pump!) into a house reservoir before it was tolerable- not tasty, not super-softened, but tolerable. That filter system used a salt chamber (seems like we were always pouring replacement salt into that thing- it's a real hassle). I'd imagine that the initial expense will be considerable (probably imported) and the electricity will be no joke, either.


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