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Last night we watched fingers of lightning in clear sky for an hour with occasional bolts to ground a long distance south of us. Occasional thunder but almost continuous high altitude lightning. To

Once you've been here a long time, it's hard enough trying to remember what you did last week, let alone something like several years ago

A little rain in the old town tonight but nthing spectacular like Mae Rim a few nights ago.   Alas I shall miss all the excitement as I'm heading down to Hua Hin for a month before returning

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Heavy rain last night, and it's still raining!! There goes the lawn mowing for the day :)

At least there is the qualifying on for the Japanese GP :D

yeah! looking forward to it!


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still going
What am I going to do with the washing? I've just put another load in the machine and now it's raining again!! I was in an out like a fiddlers elbow putting it all on the line, then bringing it all in, with the first lot!! And with the kids in and out all day ,with their wet feet, I don't know how many times, I've mopped the floor. It's pandemonium!! Edited by KevinHunt
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When I were a lad (who said 'here he goes..'?) talk of the weather was reserved for fishermen or old ladies. I remember their catch-phrases like 'Not a good day for doing the washing', or 'that breeze will get the clothes dry in no time'. Men didn't talk much and certainly didn't talk about the weather (other than the sailors - who went out in 'all sorts of weather', and we should remember that when were having our fish supper). The only important topics of conversation were the price of a pint and your smokes, or how your team (Football, cricket or rugby) were performing.

I imagine that there aren't too many old sailors on this forum so I can only assume the rest are old women. Right. :)  


Norman Evans - Over the garden wall. A classic. 

Anyway, now that it's stopped raining (still overcast so don't forget the umbrella) I'm dashing off to work.

I reckon we'll get a bit later on tonight. Could be heavy.


Edited by KevinHunt
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