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Chiang Rai

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I have been reading this site a lot. I have seen a lot on Chiang Mai but little to no information on Chiang Rai. Maybe I hve not gotten to it yet but would really like to know about housing rentals as I did see some one on one of the threads give 3 free advice and that was Rent Rent and Rent.

How about hospitals in Chiang Rai.

Is there a Chiang Rai hospital link or a house rental link.

How is the air pollution. Is it like Chiang Mai.

Thanks in advance.

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C.R.....bit of info.....Not been for over 10 years but should be up to date.... :D

Chiang Rai Regional Hospital General Hospital 053-711300

Kasaemrad Sriburin Hospital General Hospital 053-717499

Overbrooke Hospital General Hospital 053-711366

and couple of cheepie...

Chiang Rai City

Amorn Inn Resort

30 rooms, 600 Baht, Tel. 053-756041 -3, Fax. 053-712135

Art Ann Hotel

34 rooma, 350 Baht, Tel. 053-715605, 756890 Fax. 053-718806

Baan Bua Guest House

11 rooms, 150 - 350 Baht, Tel. 053-718880

Baan Khun Yom Resort

40 rooms, 600 - 800 Baht, Tel. 053-716216

Baan Silp Hotel

29 Rooms, 300 - 350 Baht, Tel. 053-756335, Fax. 053-756337

Bang-On Court

30 rooms, 350 Baht, Tel. 053-712290, Fax. 053-716440

Ben Guest House

28 rooms, 80- 600 Baht, Tel. 053-716775

Boonbandan Guest House :o .....my old stomping ground.....recco :D

33 rooms, 250 - 350 Baht, Tel. 053-712914, 053-717040 -1,

Fax. 053-712914

Bowling Guest House

5 rooms, 100 Baht, Tel. 053-712704

Chat House (Guest House)

15 rooms, 50 - 180 Baht, Tel. 053-711481

Chian House (Guest House)

21 rooms, 60- 450 Baht, Tel. 053-713388

E-mail: chianguesthouse@hotmail.com

Chiang Rai Hotel

63 rooms, 130 - 200 Baht, Tel. 053-711226, 053-712118

Chiang Rai Inn

77 rooms, 700 Baht, Tel. 053-717700 -3, Fax. 053-711483


for more hotels.. :D

Chiang Rai Hotel Discounter.

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Could someone help me find sites for information on Chiang Rai. I am looking for information on living there aka rent, hospitals, basically infastructure. any help would be appreciated. :o

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Some Info....




Health Directories :

General Health Services in North Thailand

Meditation in North Thailand

Spirituality in North Thailand

Yoga in North Thailand

Garden - Chiangrai

Internet and Email - Chiangrai

Leisure Activities - Chiangrai

Personal Assistance - Chiangmai

Photo Service - Chiangrai

Chiangrai Night Life : Bars - Chiangrai :o

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I can't remember ever seeing house or apartment rentals for CR online. Seems likely to be a word-of-mouth kinda deal there...Maybe check the farang pubs and restaurants along wat jed yod road, where some local farangs can be found.

It's always seemed a very quiet scene there, to me.

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Thanks for your help. Does anyone know someone in the CR area that might be open to a few emails to discuss some specific questions. If so answer via email or leave post.

Again thanks for all help.

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