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Air Con Unit

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Can anybody suggest where i can buy an air con unit in the Chainat/nakhon sawan area.

The wife went to the singer shop in u'thai today, but 35,000 baht for 12'btu is (i think) a bit expensive.

Thanks, Paul

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Just bought a 15,000 btu Yoshi Denki ( wife recons it a good make Japanese) in Tak Far (about half hour away for you) for 16,000 fitted other than that try Macro, Big C or upstairs in Fairyland (Nakorn).

I assume you are in Chinat I'm about half hour from the town passed Takli if you want to go to the place in Tak Far PM me with your number.

Cheers RC

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Be aware that there is a large price difference between models so 35k might be proper for some - but if it was Singer most likely the high price has more to do with paying for commissions and long term payment plans. Most A/C is sold at set price, much like cars, so I would go with a local shop that will install/service unit.

Current Home Pro price list:

Samsung ASK 12G6VE 18,900

LG G13LC 18,900

Panasonic CS/CU-PC12KT 19,500

Mitsubishi MS-SGA13VD 20,400

Trane MCW512AB5TTK512 22,500

Panasonic CS/CU-C12DKT 25,000

Fujitsu ASA13A 25,900

Samsung ASP13 WOWE 25,900

Mitsubishi MS-SFA13VC 28,000

Panasonic CS/CU-XC12DKT 28,500

Carrier 38TAO12/42TAO12 28,900

Carrier 38TDRO12/42TDRO12 29,900

LG A13LCR 29,900

Daikin FTKE 12BVMS 31,800

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...And may I recommend going for Mitusbishi.... It's the best without a doubt. Bit more expensive, but worth it.



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