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20kg Parcel To Australia - Is There A Cheaper Way Then Via Thai Post?

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Cheers, will do.

MeMock, I can't understand how Aus Customs have missed/passed your coffee beans!?

No food, No plants, No shells, No leather, No meat etc. You were lucky-lucky-lucky.

Good luck in future, but do not try carrying it on your person...BIG trouble. Backsoon :)

They are roasted and vacuum sealed = no problems.

My Mum took 12 kg with her, my Dad 5kg and a friend 18kg in their luggage and no issues at all.

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International parcel by air is B7400, international parcel SAL(surface & air) is B3310 so that may take less time than the int'l parcel surface B2740, did you get your quote directly from the post office? If so then they may not have known the rates or durations correctly(it's plausible!).

Fed ex came in at 9,000 baht so might go back to the Post Office and try again. Thanks MaiDong.

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