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Hiv Meds Prices From Thai Red Cross

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1.ABC (Ziagenavir) 300mg 60 tablets 8490 THB

2.ATZ " REYATAZ 200mg 60 tablets 9750 THB

3.ATZ '' REYATAZ 300mg 30 tablets 8640 THB

4.Darunavir " PREZISTA 300mg 120 tablets 13800 THB

5.DDI " VIDEX*EC 250mg 30 tablets 2430 THB

6.DDI " VIDEX*EC 400mg 30 tablets 3750 THB

7.EFV " STROCIN 600mg 30 tablets 810 THB

8.IDV (CRIXIVAN) 180 tablets ราคา 2160 THB

9.3TC " LAMIVIR 60 tablets 570 THB

10. 3TC " LAMIVIR 30 tablets 570 THB

11.LPV/RTV " Aluvia 60 tablets 1440 THB

12.LPV/RTV " Kaletra 180 tablets 5400 THB

13.NVP " NERAVIR 60 tablets 960 THB

14.RTV " Norvia 84 tablets 3024 THB

15.SQV " Invirase 120 tablets 9360 THB

16.D4T " STAVIR 60 tablets 240 THB

17.TDF " Viread 30 tablets 1350 THB

18.AZT " ANTIVIR 100 tablets 650 THB

19.3TC+AZT " Zilavir 60 tablets 1230 THB

20.3TC+NVP+D4T" GPO vir S-30 60 tablets 990 THB

21.3TC+NVP+AZT ''GPO vir Z-250 60 tablets 1320 THB

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Hi, I have been trying to contact Red Cross Bangkok but have been unsuccessful.


I would like to know the estimated selling price for HIV medications as I will be in BKK in 2 weeks times. I have prescriptions for both Efavirenz and Truvada tablets & would like to know the estimated price, just to be sure that I have sufficient THB with me.


Would you be able to help? Many thanks in advance.


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My best guess would not more than 1,000 baht for 30 EFV, and under 1,000  for 30 Emtricitabine/Tenofovir provided you do not get Truvada but rather the Thai generic which is called Teno-EM.


You'll never get anywhere trying to get a quote on the phone from TRC but you can be assurred that their price will be as low as can be found in Thailand.



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Efaviranz 600 (CAMBER -generic) = THB 135/bottle (30 tablets)
Efaviranz 600 (GPO -generic) = THB 195/bottle (30 tablets)
Efaviranz 600 (MSD original - STOCRIN) = THB 825/bottle (30 tablets)
Efaviranz 600 (MYLAN -generic - EFAMAT) = THB 270/bottle (30 tablets)


Tenofovir 300 +Emtricitabine 200 (GPO Generic - TENO-EM)= THB 630/bottle (30 tablets)
Tenofovir 300 +Emtricitabine 200 (CAMBER - TENOF EM)= THB 367.50/bottle (30 tablets)
Tenofovir 300 +Emtricitabine 200 (LFASIA original - TRUVADA)= THB 2,100/bottle (30 tablets)
Tenofovir 300 +Emtricitabine 200 (MYLAN Generic - Ricovir-EM)= THB 780/bottle (30 tablets)


you will have to bring a prescription (and recent results)

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