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Free Roof Top Cinema

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FREE Roof Top Cinema

Date: 24 November 2009

Location: on the deck of Art Space Building, CMU Art Center

080 607 8387

The films runs 90 mins

In summer 2007 a group of monks there led a rebellion, triggered by price hikes for fuel, against the dictatorship that has ruled the nation for four decades. Immediately, foreign news reporters were banished and the internet was censored. A brave group, calling itself The Democratic Voice of Burma, armed itself with digicams to record demonstrations, give voice to protestors, and to capture evidence of military brutality....

That footage, smuggled to Norway via Thailand, is raw and compelling. The story of how it was sneaked out is worthy of the best thrillers. Burma VJ is crucial testament to the will of a suffering people to ensure the world does not forget them.

Director Anders Østergaard. Denmark.

Art Space Building, CMU Art Center. Tuesday Nov. 24. Roof top cinema.

8 p.m.

Please bring your food and drinks by yourself (no food vendor on sale there).


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