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Chiang Mai Red-shirt Leader Threaten To Rally 40,000 Protesters Against Pm

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Chiang Mai red-shirt leader threaten to rally 40,000 protesters against PM

Chiang Mai - A local red-shirt leader here Saturday vowed to rally up to 40,000 protesters from eight northern provinces to protest against the prime minister next Sunday.

Kanya Phakmaneechak, a leader of the Rak Chiang Mai 51, said the red-shirt people would not allow Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva to visit Chiang Mai to attend the Chamber of Commerce meeting next Sunday.

She said the protesters would fire 100,000 firecrackers to unwelcome the prime minister.


-- The Nation 2009/11/21


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Is Chiang Mai not a part of Thailand any more ??

Is this wacko the new empress of CM , or what.....Wont allow the PM to visit CM? Is the statement an actual fact or another of th Nations translation mistakes.....

Seems that this woman has a few screws loose and if I am not mistaken has created or incited violence before.

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speaking as someone in the tourism industry, I really hope they don't screw up this high season. I know every tourist area in the country has been suffering but I can't imagine alot of support in Chiang Mai if they scare the tourists off.

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Unfortunately, SBK, as I understand it this group is not well known for its lateral thinking ability.

Unless they , individually derive an income from the tourism industry, they won't even consider the possibility that their actions may cause some visitors not to come. .... and that goes also for some that do get tourism related income.

Their point is just to demonstrate, much like spoiled children, and try and get their way. Has nothing to do with good or bad, or right or wrong....... just I want what I want and the hel_l with the rest.

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