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Taiwanese Robbers Nabbed

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Taiwanese robbers nabbed

By The Nation

Published on December 3, 2009

Taiwanese robbers nabbed

A Thai and four Taiwanese men have been arrested at a checkpoint in Sing Buri for allegedly stealing Bt10 million in cash from a Taiwanese businessman's rented house in Chiang Mai yesterday.

The robbery took place at 9am when seven armed men raided the home of Kao Han Xia and his Thai wife. The gang took off with Bt10 million in cash - which Kao reportedly borrowed to invest in a karaoke bar - in a silverbronze Toyota Commuter van with a Bangkok registration number.

Police said the gang left behind two ski masks and four Sparta knives, which were found nearby.

Police apprehended the suspects - a Thai driver and four passengers in their 20s - a few hours later at the Asia Highway checkpoint in Sing Buri's Phrom Buri district. The money was found inside the van.


-- The Nation 2009/12/3


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Taiwanese men charged in 11 million baht armed robbery

Supoj Thiamyoj & Jedsadapong Wongkiew

Taiwanese businessman, Kao Han Xia, 31, and his wife were the victims of a home invasion on December 2 in Chang Phuak. He had rented a house in Chiang Mai with his Thai wife and had recently taken out an 11 million baht loan in order to open a karaoke bar. At noon, on December 2, a Taiwanese acquaintance of his, Hsu Shun, who had previously stayed in the house with him, drove up in a van with 4 other men. They proceeded into the house, threatened Kao Han Xia and his wife with weapons, and forced them to open the safe holding the 11 million baht in cash. The men then escaped in the waiting van.

Chiang Mai Provincial Police Commander Police Major General Sommai Kongvisaisuk ordered immediate roadblocks at all police checkpoints. The Highway Police apprehended the men at a police checkpoint in Utapao in Chai Nat. 11 million baht in cash was found inside a Louis Vuitton bag inside the van.

The van driver has been identified as Kritsada Nachalitkhachanchak, 47, of Bangkok, who claimed he was hired by the 5 men to drive them to Chiang Mai. He told investigators that he was unaware that the men planned to rob the house, but had only been asked to drive them to Chiang Mai, He continued that he had been directed to drive to the but did not take part in the robbery.

The four Taiwanese men denied all accusations and refused to offer police any further information. All 5 men were returned to Chang Phuak Police station in Chiang Mai with the cash.


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