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Voting In The Uk General Election

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next month there is a general election in the uk.

is there a way for expat uk citizens to vote, e.g. at the brit. embassy here.?

You are allowed to vote in UK General and EU Elections (but not Local Government Elections) for up to 15 years after you leave the UK, provided your name appeared on the Electoral Roll immediately prior to leaving. You need to register for a postal vote, and the deadline for this for the forthcoming General Election was 11 March 2005. If you didn't register, you won't be able to vote. The following link has information:-


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Don't bother registering for a postal vote in Thailand. It doesn't work. They send out the forms one week before polling day. How long do they think it takes for a letter to get here, and then back again?

Your only hope is a vote by proxy, but I don't know how that works.

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