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What I Would Call A Good English School!

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I am really disappointed by the too many "english courses" that have araisen almost everywhere in pattetthai since the last years...

Is it good for us, or for them? :o

Of course it allows "us" a better living BUT none of those courses will help "them" (Thai people (if not only ladies)) when not assessed by a degree or a diploma.

I may appear much conventional, but let's for instance compare them with massage courses (wat Po) : See their pride when being given a "degree", when their efforts are being recognized. It's really important for a lower-educated people to get a (first) degree, to give him more confidence in himself and in his future... unless you'd like them going back to the street-industry(ies) just after having finished their 2 months "english session".

For lower-educated thai people, a good english school (or "computer" school, or "secretary" schools, or ...):

1) should not be a business industry

2) should give formal recognition to their "students"

If you only know one existing in BKK, thank's for the help, thank you for them.

PS : Exc. my english... I'm French :D


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