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Canadian Tourist Found Dead In A Condotel Near The Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

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Canadian tourist found dead in a condotel near the Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

Supot Tiamyoj

The body of a Canadian tourist, Warren Leonard Battaglia, 49, was found in his room at the Night Bazaar Condotel on December 13, has been sent to Maharaj Nakhon Chiang Mai Hospital for an autopsy.

Bussara Intapanya, a 39 year old resident of San Kamphaeng district, told the police that she left the room around 11.00 a.m and, at that time, her boyfriend Warren Battaglia, was still alive. When she returned around 4.30 p.m., she knocked on the door with no response. She then tried phoning the room but when no one picked up the phone she asked the hotel staff to open the door. Upon finding the body of Mr Battaglia on the floor of the bathroom, she immediately called the police.

The Chiang Mai Tourist Police hope that the autopsy will determine cause of death.


-- Chiang Mai Mail 2009/12/22


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Condolence to the deceased and his family. The deceased died from lung infection. His family, two brothers and mother flew in from Canada and the deceased was cremated and was returned to Canada this past Saturday.

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