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Canadian Confesses, Pays Fine At Phuket Court

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I really have to agree with you on all the above. The only way things will change here is if the Thais feel the repercussions of their actions on their wallets! It's a simple feedback system and works.

It's unfortunate that many of the innocent non-Thais doing business here will suffer somewhat also but "denial" is not a viable option. I say spread the news, good or bad and let the "chips land where they fall"!

i agree it could be stopped so easily if the will was there.

so sad to see all this being allowed to happen


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Not defending the actions of the driver by any means but didn't the guy agree to 150 then offer 100. Probably not a good idea in any foreign country over 50 baht.
Agree, the fare had been negotiated so be it, there are two sides to the story. The fact that the driver had been refused bail indicates he is known to the police, that could favor the complainents story.

Well without reading all of this it looks like the 2nd side of the story wins. Still in all he agreed to a contract and should have fulfilled it!
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Regarding the website idea. I do think its a pretty good idea that has at least a little potential to put some real money pressure on the only elements that make any difference. It would have to make the google first page for Phuket searches to have a real impact. I never said I was going to start such a website myself. I do think a person located OUTSIDE of Thailand would be prerequisite. Clearly the powers that be feel any particular negative press story will just come and go. So their strategy is just to give lip service once in a while (if even that) and cynically wait for the temporary heat to pass. So somehow or another, a more constant form of heat is needed. Clearly the Bangkok government has much more pressing concerns. Any better ideas?

BTW, as far as the somewhat humorous domain name ideas for this proposed website. Well, if you are shooting for top google placement and some real resonance in a new website, it is often helpful to have a domain name with some SIZZLE and sometimes also some humor.

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I am glad of this Forum and Big Trouble in Tourist Thailand, I wanted to visit Phuket but will never ever go there now.

I will spend my money elsewere, when I go on Hoiliday I want to relax and have good time not get robbed our beat up then have some locals

say it is my fault because I am not Thai. :)

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i hate tuk-tuks, they are worse than the thai whores...

i have lived in thailand for over 10 years, and am happy to

say i have only had to use them 4 or 5 times, every time

they attempt to rip you off.

as an example in chiang mai, they try to charge foreigners 600

baht for a 15 minute trip out of the city to the local small

airport, take a meter taxi and its a little under 300 baht.

tuk-tuks assume all foreigners are either super rich and loaded,

or completely stupid.

you walk along the street minding your own business, they keep

beeping and following you and "tuk-tuk where you go".

i urge all foreigners to boycott them and not use them.

to hel_l with tuk-tuks and their looser drivers.

DONT USE THEM.. teach them a lesson, and send them to the poor


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Come on folks! He plead guilty and paid the fine to get the hel_l out of that shit hole. These tuck tuk drivers are just to thuggish to believe that he was a victim of this Canadian. I once had a motor bike run into my parked car and I ended up paying for his hospital treatment just to get my passport back from the police. That fish you smell is Thai justice and the totally ingrained bias against white farangs. It is all about tea money and nothing to do with fairness. All part of the excitement of being in Thailand.

I say that you are completely correct and that it doesn't require arocket scientist to see through all the rhetoric. A 51-yr old kicked a 30-yrold local in the chest, etc. over 50 baht... Perhaps the Canadian man kicked because hishands were restrained... Perhaps he was fighting for his life… These peoplearrive in Phuket ignorant of the dangers that await them because, in part,these forums are not completely truthful.

He simply decided to cut his losses and leave town, just as most foreigners woulddo when faced with the choice of 1. remaining in Thailandindefinitely to fight the charges in a dysfunctional, corrupt legal environmentor, 2. plead guilty, pay a modest fine and return to your home, familyand job abroad.

What a scam! These people here have no concept of ethics, morality or justiceand are simply predators. It's completely "law of the jungle" and money. I say “shame of you” to those whohave rallied to support the tuk-tuk drivers, most of which are uneducated thugswho's livelihood is based on cheating foreigners.

I say start a website outside of Thailandthat the Thais cannot censor and report the truth, whatever it may be. Blogsbased in Thailandare, unfortunately, full of non-Thais operating businesses here with their own “priorities”and agendas and perhaps less willing to be completely candid.

Good luck!

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dont make us all suffer more than is neccessary for your fun!!

May be you don't need to worry too much , look :

you get super models right now in Phuket : not so bad for Phuket, isn't it?


Kate Moss was joined by her catwalk pal Naomi Campbell, who wore a sexy animal print bikini

What would you think if the story with the tuk tuk happened with Kate? :)

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Hrmm. Tough choice. Pay 1000B and be done with it or fight it and be stuck in Phuket indefinitely waiting for your court case which may bring a questionable outcome anyway.

That was probably the best and last 1000B he will ever spend in Thailand.

Yes, that is the gist of it. They could have demanded Bt10,000 or more and financially, it would have been better off to pay than argue with these scum, both police and tuk tuk drivers. Seriously, if Phuket fell into a whirlpool, few outsiders would care. It cannot be saved as there is too much graft and corruption spanning generations. Avoid.

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Love to see what this forum got to say now .

seem like the cry wolf had been caught and of cos he is a tourist and a 1000b fine is ok and he can go ..

what happen to yesterday .. big words about how we should punish the Tuk tuk driver .. what about the tourist , how about he go to jail .

This is really a Farang experience -

what is new

and all this cos of 50b

Since the Tuk Tuk driver was released on bail, chances are he will eventually pay a small fine or time will let the case drop. There are bad farangs that come to Phuket but I would never believe one word these little fiery rude crooks say. They get away with theft from passengers, calling foreign women names, and assault anyone who doesn't get out of their way. They only way they get away with it is that the Governor of Phuket and most of the police get kickbacks from these Tuk Tuk thugs. Nothing will ever be done about them because the politicians and the police are making too much money. Tourists? hel_l, Phuket officials say, it doesn't matter if they come back to visit, another will take their place and the scenario with the rude Tuk Tuk drivers continue unabated. Like my wife says, "I left Thailand (for the U.S.) 30 years ago. We come back and nothing has changed."

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violence is predominant in Thai tourist resorts,

this is very obvious to many visitors who visit over the past three years ,we can turn a blind eye and say well Farangs are basically offensive rude to the Buddhist pacifist Thais, when you have to feed your family and mafia are ruling your community there is no choice. Be aware be very careful times are a changing and most phuked residence know this now but are afraid to say as property prices have plummeted.

it is a sorry state but till those who are influential and are willing to stand up to the Thai mafia you are doomed I am sorry to say.

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violence is predominant in Thai tourist resorts,

this is very obvious to many visitors who visit over the past three years ,we can turn a blind eye and say well Farangs are basically offensive rude to the Buddhist pacifist Thais, when you have to feed your family and mafia are ruling your community there is no choice. Be aware be very careful times are a changing and most phuked residence know this now but are afraid to say as property prices have plummeted.

it is a sorry state but till those who are influential and are willing to stand up to the Thai mafia you are doomed I am sorry to say.

:) This is absolutely correct, and all the expat hysteria will not change this, it will only change when the true residents[Thais] not us long term visitors, are effected enough and en-masse turn against the various mafia groups and say'' enough is enough'' and petition or protest to the powers that be ,or take to the streets themselves!! At the moment ALL the other Thais are petrified of the repercussions from this minority of gangsters. And BTW there still are ahell of a lot of NICE Thais, working for a pittance,but getting on with life[surviving]and minding their own business.

There are many who think this is 100% Thai/Farang problem,but this is not true.

The desperation of theses mafia types is becoming more and more evident and they are attacking fellow Thais more and more frequently..eg

A friend who has been "based ''outside my condo for some 15 years as a tuk-tuk driver ,last year sold his tuk-tuk and is paying off a 7 seat SUV [air-con and comfort for the same fare] and also all the larger than large visiters were using his new service, and he was doing ok.His car was parked amongst all his ''mates' tuk-tuks, and as usual they sit and eat and drink together every day.

I was sharing a Chang or 6 with him early on New years evening and a surley looking elder Thai came over and shared a beer.My Thai is basic but the body language said it all.

3-4 mins later when the guy left, friend told me he had just been told in no uncertain terms ;You must go away from here and not come back..you are not ''one of us'' anymore and your car is taking OUR fares!!

On the 2 Jan he pulled up to 'test the waters' and was immediately puched out by 2 ''ex friends''..Sorry they said but Big Boss told us to do so, otherwise WE get the same....no win for any EXCEPT the dogs at the top.

Another incident re;a Tuk- tuk driver friend who is also outside our condo, took a fare at xmas to Junceylon to shop.HE told them he would wait down the road and they should call him when ready.He parks near the back of Baan Saan market and next thing he receives a punch through the window and told by a member of JUNGCEYLON mafia..F....off WE ALONE take customers away from shops!!!

Times are hard and going to get harder for all and as you know the average Thai can not afford to even use the public transport..give it time Thais in general will stand up against this controlling minority as they see their already poor lifestyle going down the drain. The collective power of downtrodden people can be very strong, and those of you who think the average thai is just a little weak guy who can't/won't do anything..look at the redshirt/blue shirt/yellow shirt confrontations...When they have a cause they HAVE to win, they will come out and do it.And become extremely aggressive!!

I realise that a lot of you expats truely believe that posting your venom and often generalisation of all thais on forum will help, but you are fooling yourselves big time.Vent your spleen ,if that makes you feel better, but it will not change anything!!

And some of the comments being made really do belong down with the few scumbags who are causing the problems.Many of you come accross as no better than they ,IMO ! Tough guys wanting to go out and bash and take over the beach road , teach them a lesson etc,etc.. Two wrongs do not make a right! But i for one would enjoy seeing you do so.In reality not as easy as tough talk on forum.

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