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Canadian Confesses, Pays Fine At Phuket Court

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the canadian pleading guilty puts a different complexion on the matter .if he did assault the tuk tuk driver then the driver is within hid rights to defend himself .the phoning of the freind and the subsequent beating of the tourist is still well over the top and unforgivable.the tourist was hardly the kick boxer type.still hope they make an example of the tuk tuk driver and his mate.phuket is getting so much bad press particularly about being ripped off that the authorities simply have to start doing something about it.

i was in phuket a few weeks ago and it was pretty quiet (start of peak season).some of this is to do with recession but all the bad publicity and the perceived behaviour of the police is not helping .people are just starting to go elsewhere.

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He had to plead guilty or lose his flight.

That happened to me when I was at the airport from a taxi ripping me off and I refused to pay some extortionate amount. The tourist police said to me - Pay it or you will come to the station. I could not refuse the payment, or I would have had to get a new flight.

Justice in this case... NO, IMO, he had to pay to leave the country or it would have cost him another small fortune to get another flight out.... Sometimes principals are best left at home.


A friend, an attorney in Los Angeles visiting Phuket, was run into from behind a motorcycle driven by an under-aged, unlicensed 14-yr old "kid". The motorcycle was attempting to pass in a no pass zone located in a business district in Kata. My friend was not at fault.

The Chalong police told my friend that if he did not plead guilty, he would be forced to remain in Phuket until the trial would take place, "many months away", as he was told by the police. My friend was forced to sign a declaration that he had caused the accident, in order to return to his law practice in Los Angeles on his scheduled flight.

This is one method that the local police use to coerce foreigners into accepting responsibilty for crimes, accidents, etc that they did not commit. It's just one more scam in the Land of Smiles.

Almost exactly the same happened to me in Krabi 2 years ago. You are made aware that even if you win in the eventual court case (white face, yeah right) you cannot claim costs! I however never had to pay the "compensation" to the dick on the bike as I told the uniformed crims that I had a lawyer arriving the next day. All of a sudden 50000 B became 500 B! All talk of a court case suddenly evaporated! A little sticking to your guns and research can save money and hassle.

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Lets be honest with ourselve's how are you going to get justice in a country who's own people think curruption is the way of life this statement was said by thais not farangs.

Thats why your a 3rd world country with 3rd world education standards and justice. All phuket has going for it is its climate, nothing more, I for 1 hope you sink into the bog where you came from before us bad farangs soiled your island LOL. You the thais in this room were not slagging us farangs off when we funded you after the tsunami were you, where was the money from your governer.

If justice is served right in thailand why is your Ex prime minister hel_l bent on bringing your goverment down and why has he not served his jail term. Answear this although thinking that far ahead is way beyond your bog standard thai. som nom nah.

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He had to plead guilty or lose his flight.

That happened to me when I was at the airport from a taxi ripping me off and I refused to pay some extortionate amount. The tourist police said to me - Pay it or you will come to the station. I could not refuse the payment, or I would have had to get a new flight.

Justice in this case... NO, IMO, he had to pay to leave the country or it would have cost him another small fortune to get another flight out.... Sometimes principals are best left at home.


You think the cops would miss out on the opportunity?

Same story in Chiang Mai with my brother. He was literally kicked to the ground by 2 motor bike taxis over a 5o baht dispute. The bike taxis claimed they were assaulted. We had to pay B4,000 so that it could be all over and get back my brothers passport.

Live in Thailand... cop the shit and shut up!

Just enjoy the cheap pussy while you can!!! and PAY!!!!!!!!!!

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I've never had a problem with a tuk tuk driver in all my years here and I'm a cheap charlie so I always negotiate the minimal price I can. Once it's agreed on it's as good as cast in stone! I got a Tuk Tuk from Sukumvit to Banglampoo, which is quite a trek. Only cost 20B as the guy said he wanted me to go into a gem store and look around so he could get a 5 litre fuel voucher. No strings attached and I walked through the door to the sales floor and out the door on the opposite side where there was a fridge full of Chang waiting for me.

I took a beer and asked the bored looking girl who was reading a book behind the counter "How much?" and she said "it's free!" So I sat there and drank 2 Changs while my tuk tuk driver waited outside. Upon my return he looked happy about the waiting and took me to where I wanted to go for the agreed 20B fee. I forgot to mention there were 4 of us so it was 5B each. We didn't buy anything!

Going to court because you hit a Tuk Tuk driver is rediculous. Even if you end up in the police station agree to drop the charges if he does and pay the 100B admin fee which the tuk tuk driver will also have to pay. Then walk away!

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Hrmm. Tough choice. Pay 1000B and be done with it or fight it and be stuck in Phuket indefinitely waiting for your court case which may bring a questionable outcome anyway.

That was probably the best and last 1000B he will ever spend in Thailand.

Too right.

So how many tourists will also not now come to Thailand.. More income lost to Phuket tourism.


I can't see myself coming back... I've been back and forth to Phuket maybe 8 times in the last four years, each visit being 3-5 weeks.

I have experienced many of the 'problems' discussed in this and other forums, from being scammed by Tuk-tuk drivers to being ripped off in a bar by having to pay someone else's 700Bht bill that I'd never met but they happened to be English and walked out without paying so the bar owner called the police and they assumed I was with the party so to pay the 700Bht, or I could spend the night in the cell, pay a fine in the morning and be let out..

On a different trip I was accused of pushing over a motorbike taxi and causing sh*t loads of scratches and dents on it, which were clearly very old dents and rusty scratches all becasue I chose to help a p*ssed/dru99ed up Thai pick the bike up from him when he fell off it... he started screaming and shouting at me in Thai to which I kind of smiled and looked helplessly saying I didn't understand what he was saying... he called his friends that apparently all saw me push it over with him on it, so I then called the police.. they spoke with the Thai blokes, then came to me and said I had to give the other man 2,000Bht as they all saw me push him over.... or spend a night on the clink and pay the fine in the morning....

I witnessed and stepped in when a friend of mine was attacked with a metal pole by a 'Taxi driver', my friend reversed down a slope, the taxi was parked opposite, my friend didn't hit the car but the taxi driver said his car had been hit, my friend got out and looked at the guy's car.. no damage, the Thai guy then started screaming and punched my friend in the face, knocking off his glasses, my friend (in his late 50's and lived there for 12/13 years) held his face and said "stop, what are you doing".. the Thai guy hit him again... I ran accross the road pushed myself between the two of them and said "Hey stop, leave it out... what's happening... relax.." then my friend got in his car, drove up the road to turn around... I stood with the Taxi driver, looked over his car where the supposed hit/damage was... and nothing... he started yelling at me.." f*cking farang, not your country, <deleted> off, get out my country.. <deleted> you farang.. <deleted> off.." I tried to reason with him, explaining that I was here on holiday and felt priviledged to be in his country and loved the Thai hospitality.. we then saw my friend coming down the the road slowly.. in fact he was going to stop to offer me a lift.. then the Thai guy opened his boot, brought out a metal pole and whacked it into the side of my friend's car.. I shouted.."No, stop it... relax man, calm down.. no need for this..." my friend drove off, then the Thai turned on me... swinging the pole around.. "you want trouble f*cking farang.. you want trouble.."... declined his kind offer, made myself appear to be small and humble... raised my hands in surrender and calmly said "no... that's not what I'm here for... let's relax, take it easy... calm down..."... he continued to scream about farangs taking over his country, all farangs can <deleted> off, leave his country, we don't need you, <deleted> you farangs and your money..

All quite scary... and this was about 5.00pm in the afternoon, outside the BOATHOUSE in Kata Beach....

I've also had my room broken into from one of the few LadyBoys that hang around outside the 7-11 near the Siam bank on the corner at Kata Beach, following me home after a few beers, then breaking into my room, I woke and disturbed him/her... they said they were looking for someone else but woud stay for... "sucky sucky... " which I declined and asked well rather begged her/him to leave... which they did... with my (underwater) camera housing from my rucksack...

I reported this to the manager/owner of the bungalows, they said they would check CCTV.... but nothing, when I said I was going to report it to police for my insurance, they said to wait until the afternoon so they could check with the maintenance/gardener if it was dumped in the grounds (as it was useless to anyone without the same camera).... after diving that day, I returned to the office, asked if there was any luck with my camera housing... they said "No, sorry... nothing.." so I went to my room/bungalow to get my passport to go to the police... opened the door and my room had been made up, new towels, fresh bed linen etc.. and my camera housing perched neatly on the top of the bundle of towels... quickly I went to the office and said "thank you.. so it was found.." they said they had no idea what I was talking about....

Friends of mine said that the owner probably spoke with the 'girls' and said whatever happens return it, no questions, but to avoid the police etc,.... I don't care actually, just relieved that it was returned...

So, my visits to Phuket have not all been good.. whilst I have had some nice times, there are some bad times... I think the attitude of the people has changed massively over the last 2 or 3 years... they used to be so nice and helpful, now they just seem to wanna rip you off.

I for one, will not be rushing back to Phuket... it's a shame, the place is beautiful, the people are not. !

No, none of this was self inflicted or incited on my part, No I do not make use of LadyBoy services, No I was not P*ssed and had misplaced my camera housing....

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Love to see what this forum got to say now .

seem like the cry wolf had been caught and of cos he is a tourist and a 1000b fine is ok and he can go ..

what happen to yesterday .. big words about how we should punish the Tuk tuk driver .. what about the tourist , how about he go to jail .

This is really a Farang experience -

what is new

and all this cos of 50b

Exactly. And this forum already had the Tuk Tuk driver convicted and hung

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Alternatively, if he admitted guilt just to board his connecting flight, then he is potentially liable for perjury - a much more serious offence under Thai law.

Although others may opine differently, Thai law is fair and just.

Perhaps the laws are ok, but how they're administered is not often just - particularly in this case. Whomever set the 1,000 baht fine was mean-spirited. Why? ....to not piss off the tuk tuk mafia? The Canadian already suffered physical injury, mental anguish, 2,000 baht medical bill, and hours of inconvenience, plus the worry that comes with facing a missed flight, added hotel/food costs and trumped up threats of legal action by the bottom feeding tuk tuk driver. So, to add 1,000 baht fine and forced confession (in order for him and his partner to get the heck away from Thailand) was beneath petty.

Score: 1,000 added baht for Phuket municipality, but ensuing losses of a zillion times that amount in lost tourist revenues when such stories circulate among farang considering a place to vacation.

If there was any doubt whether Phuket authorities were serious about cleaning up their tuk tuk problems, then the 1,000 baht decision threw it out the window, and left no doubt that authorities are colluding with (or at least tolerating) tuk tuk drivers ripping-off tourists - even to the extent of allowing abject violence - astonishing! ...talk about killing the goose that lays the golden eggs.

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Interesting twist. Did he plead guilty to get out of the country? Did he do it? I see a saga beginning.[/q

I would not be surprised if he really kicked the tuk tuk driver.....I have seen too many aggressive farangs.

Come on wake up he's had enough of rip off Thailand poor sod just wants to get out of it he will be another very good add for holidaying here! :)

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