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Change In True Vision Gold Package

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^ Don't have the link but I did copy it into Word.

I have the one with the newish rounded light grey remote control.

If you have that then:

1. Click on the button below the red off button

2. Press the number 4 button

3. Press the number 2 button

4. Click on ---NEW---

5. Click the letters for what you want to call the group (e.g. Movies)

6. Press the red button at the bottom of the remote to move across to the list of the channels

7. Scroll up/down through the channels

8. Press on the movie channel to move it into the middle

Repeat 7 and 8 until all your movies are in the middle

Press the Red button at the bottom until you move to the left column again

Repeat 4 through 8 for the next category (Sport, News, etc.)

With the older flat remote (from memory)

1. Press Menu (large button one up from the bottom)

2. Press 4

3. Press 1

(this is a bit quirkier - you can only move the channels up/down)

4. Scroll through the channels until you see the channel you want to be at #1 and stop on it

5. Press the left arrow button to move it up - keep pressing left until it's at position #1

Repeat 4 and 5 for positions 2, 3, etc.


1. Press Menu (large button one up from the bottom)

2. Press 4

3. Press 1

4. Decide where you want the channels to be. Scroll through the channels until you see a channel you want to move, (e.g. BBC is at 55 and you want it at 77), and stop on it.

5. Using the number keys, enter the desired position number, i.e. 77.

The BBC will then be at 77 and whatever was at 77 will now be at 55 - i.e. they get swapped.

I just did that - took about 20 minutes to sort them all out.

(But I reckon bkkmick's method is a dàmn site easier and quicker

I have an uncle in the US who I see once per year at Christmas time. Invariably when I see him he will tell me some sad tale about how his cable tv company has screwed him and that he hasn’t been able to watch his favorite shows for months. He’ll enlist me to troubleshoot it, and always the problem turns out to be something related to the batteries in his remote being dead or the Cartoon Channel having been reassign from channel 74 to channel 52. Of course my uncle is 87 years old and has Alzheimer’s. Apparently my uncle has moved to Thailand and now knows how to post on ThaiVisa.com.

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There was a message on the bottom of the screen last night saying to go to Channel 161 to troubleshoot any problems and to hide the Future Channels.

Alternatively call the TrueCare Centre and press option 4.

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After changing the chanels only a few days after the 12.1. again - BBC -

they made a change again.

Yesterday the took me, without any warning, chanel 22 away. :)

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