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BANGKOK 22 March 2019 05:14

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9 hours ago, migrant said:

Hi, we did not find a vet in Chumphon.  Been making the drive to Hua Hin, the Kasestart (sp?) veterinary hospital.  First rate doctors.


Good luck!


I have just been told about two vets in Chumphon, have been going past them most days but never noticed them. The Vet on the road out of Chumphon heading towards Pathio is very good, any questions let me know




Right down the street about 700m  from the 4 way light intersection of Ocean Mall, Train Station..... after the school towards Pathio. There is a 24 hour veterinary clinic at the corner. 





There is also another animal hospital on the same road as the Tessaban is. 




They are both within 2km of each other.  Good luck.

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On 10/15/2015 at 3:52 PM, Sheryl said:

A terrific new find for those in the Bangkok or even Pattaya area.

Eastern Bangkok Veterinary Surgical Center AKA Parichart Suminthawong Animal Hospital

It is a very well equipped facility staffed by vets on the faculty of Kasetsart and Mahodol Vet Hospitals/Faculties

No website but they are on Facebook

My local vet referred me there as my dog had an oral tumor. It was much more convenient/fast than going to Kasetsart, vastly less expensive than Thonglor and did an excellent job.

They are in the Minburi/Lat Krabang area (airport vicinity) on Soi Kom Klao 11. Just a short distance into the Soi and before you enter the Mu Ban.

I was able to arrange through my local Vet to get the pre-op blood work done locally and bring it with me so that we were able to arrange for immediate surgery with just one trip, would suggest anyone else coming from afar do likewise. Most local vets will know who they are as it is well known among Vets in Thailand.

This is the staff:


My dog was treated by Dr. Wannasit ("Tony") who rrained in the UK and speaks English very fluently.



Thanks for this info. My Persian cat seems very ill and I saw a vet today and the diagnosis seems off. Do you know how I can contact the Pattaya branch of this veterinary clinic. 




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They do not have a Pattaya branch AFAIK but are located near Swampy (airport).


With a seriously ill cat I would urge you to come to Bangkok and go either here or the govt vet hospital at either Kasetsart Univ (near Morchit/Chatuchak) or Chulalongkhorn Univ. The last 2 will be least expensive but involve long waits and are a longer drive from Pattaya.


Don't delay. Cats in general do not appear seriously ill until they really are and Persians in particular are delicate.





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Thanks Sheryl, I just saw your response.  I did take my cat to see Dr Tony and he was just incredible. Super thorough with my cat and very good at taking his time to educate me about all the health issues my Persian had. Unfortunately my cat had HCM as well as kidney probs and passed away recently. We were nursing the cat back to health with Tony's guidance and he seemed to be doing well then just took a turn for the worse and quickly passed at 8 yrs old.    I'm looking for another kitten now and spoke to Dr Tony today and he recommended doing some bloodwork as well as ultrasound before I take the cat home. Another Persian from a breeder whose cattery I checked out already.  If you are aware of any reputable Persian breeders I'd love to know. 

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