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The one in blue seems to be "eyeing" my motorcycle.  Maybe she'll "fancy" a ride (pun intended). :D

Is that how you're coming to Surin. On that thing......................should've booked you into a cheap hotel.

:D:D:D No, will be coming in truck as I don't think Mike wants to ride all the way to Surin on the back of a motorcycle. :o:D

Hey, what do ya mean "cheap". Now I'm really gonna enjoy those "free" beers. :D

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Jay, you must have missed the eye candy from outside the Korat Cafe yesterday, here's a still from it. :D

I fancy the tall one in blue :o

No I spotted it. It was only up for a couple of minutes. Far better than watching the neighbour's tree grow. When are the bin men due, Mike?

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