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57 Alleged Prostitutes Rounded Up In Phuket Town

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The owner obviously wasn't paying enough, or said something untoward and was taught a lesson... simple as that...

Your tea money theory doesn't add up -- "There was no mention of any involvement by Phuket City Police"...

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if you take a close look at the Thai law on prostitution, it appears very difficult to indict anybody, except if real coercion is exerted on the girls by bar/parlor owners.

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"One of the venues raided is a long-established massage parlor that specializes in full service ‘soapy’ massages by sexily-attired women who wear numbers and sit inside a glass display case waiting to be called by potential customers."

This is standard in more than 10,000 establishments throughout Thailand, many of which are owned by Police. Subsidy to income sure Beats their 7,000 Baht a month starting salary and having to purchase their own weapons! But you can bet the one they nabbed was owned by a Farang or at least was too much competition for them locally. Make an example, what only 225 arrests for prostitution in Phuket? What happened to the other 2,775? :)

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Prostitution is a crime in Thailand (cf Penal Code).

It is one thing for the authorities to accept it, in whatever manner. However, it is quite another for the majority of TV posters to also condone such practices; as very few have expressed overt condemnation.

Most farangs are here for pleasure and not business; and should the crackdown be extended, their 'recreation-hood' (or sole reason for existence) will be endangered.

Who is worse: the prostitution of the punter? Both sleazy yet the former often does it out of economic necessity whereas the latter because s/he is sexually desperate. It seems that the majority of the TV posters appear to fall into this unfortunate category.

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That's it, no more sex for me. I didn't know it was illegal. Now I can't drink because it makes me even more stupid than I already am, I can't do drugs because It brings out the psychopath in me and I can't eat because it makes me Fat. without sex, whats the use. I think i will just go back to NYC and pick my nose, that's the only fun I have left.

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