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57 Alleged Prostitutes Rounded Up In Phuket Town

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Luckily the Police binoculars must have been on long range when they were looking for brothels as they missed the one directly opposite the old police station!

Nah. That's where they were, looking out.

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These Phuket posts always involve sleaze, or rip-offs by baht bus drivers. People in Phuket want to consider moving upmarket to a high class destination like Pattaya :) -

Nice one Pattaya eh! lovely place hehehe! But there has been a warning of pending "Crackdown" on illegal Foreign owners of bars so it seems the BIB are asking for help and got it from the FBI this time. I suspect this "crackdown" will continue as other foreign agenies check their files. The sex for sale was here before Falang arrived and it will be here when we're gone, as it's part of their culture and long may it continue.

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Oh.. the utter hypocrisy of it all :)

That's the hit on the nail's head!!! NEVER READ SUCH A BLATANT HYPOCRISY BEFORE...

Shall I give the police at least 20 massage parlours in Bangkok with "similar services"? There is work to do, a lot of work... Visit the Thai website "www.thaimassagemodel.com" and you can start after enrolling...

Thailand and this actual Government of Governors is becoming the world record's hypocrits centre. PHEW...!!!

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its to keep reminding him/her/they/them to KEEP on paying (on time.)

The owner obviously wasn't paying enough, or said something untoward and was taught a lesson... simple as that...

Another hit on the nails' head! CORRECT!!! They didn't pay enough or had an argue with the men in brown or with the Governor (the one who said he will legalise the tuk-tuk maffia in Phuket)! Consult Chuwit! He knows everything about it when he was owner of about 50% of the massage parlours in Bangkok. He even treatened to tell exactly how much he monthly paid to the men in brown by mentioning the amount and the first letters of their names... Then his massage parlours were raided twice a week by the police and the customer's names noted in the police book. After that he sold all his massage parlours and went into the politics!

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I am certainly glad they are able to capture these nefarious prostitutes. I mean how do they expect us farangs to come here with all these prostitutes about? Next thing you know they will tell us there are prostitutes in Bangkok/Krunthep the capital of Thailand! I applaud the brave efforts of these police in Phuket to capture these awful women who stain the reputation of Thailand. Here here!


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