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100,000 Enrol To Be Monks For The Kings Wellbeing.

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One should never be afraid to offend something which one honetly truly believes to be.....I'll try and be polite.... misguided.

and I wish that moral code would extend to allowing foreigners to enter these so called holy places for free like the locals.

What does that honestly say about this solid 'religion"

is that good, fair, just,moral, welcoming.

I tell you what it is- its joke and blatently racist.

Since we are now way off topic and going down a well-trodden path to nowhere, I suggest you look up the word racist in the dictionary, get your facts straight and start a new topic in the appropriate forum about whatever is bothering you. The fact is virtually every temple in Thailand is free for all to enter. There are just a few with some specific historical interest that charge non-residents. That's not good, but it isn't the general situation you are making it out to be.


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Did you write this, Phetaroi? (I couldn't find it on google :) ) It's very evocative of North American cool temperate zones. You can almost taste the natural abundance of that part of the world. And that's my response, having lived most of my life in Mediterranean, sub-tropical and tropical climates.

Thank you for posting it.

Yes, it is mine. And although at the time of writing it had nothing to do with Buddhism, when I read it again the other day I found things that reminded me of some of what I am seeking with Buddhism. It seemed to have some small collection to the intent of the OP...although maybe it's just something I am seeing.

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