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I went to the Hazara restaurant once with some pals on Sukhumvit Soi 38. Nice food. Northern Indian style grub which I believe is very similar to some Afghan cuisine.

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Well, I also enjoy the non in Afghanistan, but I doubt you are going to get anything like that in LOS, because of different ways it is baked. Also, Indian food is far from Afghan food. Afghans sometimes use curry in their stews, but thats about it. I would guess the place that Sel mentioned would be about the only place your gonna find Afghan cuisine. Good luck though, and if you do find an establishment let us know. I would like to take my wife there, possibly, so she can experience what we have, to some extent.

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Try Saraburi;there- there are communities of Pashtuns,who settled down a generation before,definatly - they

still cook food of their ancestors,you may even get yourself GF who will cook for you,what you like.

I have to look for them myself next time when I'm in Saraburi.

But unless these Pashtuns travel back and forth between Afghanistan and Thailand (and other countries where they have since settled in), their food may have become more Thai (because of available ingredients). Theses days the Pashtuns in Afghanistan are more Pakistani (in fact more Peshawari) due to their long stay as refugees in Pakistan that the Afghan food is quite similar to Pakistani cuisine. Even Indian culinary (due to Indian influence of Bollywood and much more) slipped into this part of the world except that the Pashtuns prefer their food much blander.

The closest and easiest thing that OP may experience as an authentic Afghan cuisine in Thailand is Roti with tea. When I was in the U.S. military, my local Pashtun staff would share their breakfast of Paratha (as called in Afghanistan and Pakistan) and tea ("chai" with or without milk) with me. So, Roti, that is.

The OP didn't say where he was in Afghanistan. Different regions, different favors. The Kabulis have slightly different dishes from the Pashtuns in the East and South.

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