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Sex related avatars on this forum not allowed

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I have got several complaints from users that some members are using avatars on this board with sexual or nud_e content.

This is against our TOS (Terms of service). Please change to other avatars or take them off! Here is a link to your avatar settings.

We urge all members to check their avatars, and if in doubt, please post here!

Thanks for your cooperation!


PS! On the new board which will be released tomorrow 2003-11-03, we will DELETE all member profiles with sexual related avatars.

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Is she a no-no?  Or are you referring to actual nudity?


(I'll edit this posting after you respond, just in case you don't want this up here).


She is not nud_e, so this one is ok for the time beeing. Granted.  :cool:

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I check in here at all, sometime odd, hours. How come I miss all those avatars with "sexual or nud_e content"?

Some avatars might not be to my personal liking, some I admit do not necessarily reflect the serious subjects visa, immigration, business, jobs, real estate, investments, etc.

What got me really this morning: "several complaints from users". What kind of people are these, who cannot post their likes or dislikes and have to complain?

One could imagine that George and colleagues have something better to do while upgrading the software.

So my proposal, whatever complain you have, post it, don't hide behind others backs.

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The crackdown on Bkk "sleeze" has reached the internet, it would appear?   ???

We have Thai officials sometimes browsing this site as well, and we don't want to upset people...

In the Terms of Service (TOS) for this forum it's clearly stated that we don't accept nud_e pictures and sex. There is many other sites doing the naughty stuff, but we will try to keep this place free from adult content.

Another option would be to disable postings of pictures and avatars here.

Thanks for understanding.

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I still get complaints from visitors, beacuse they find sexual content here on this board. This is not allowed on this web site!

I will immediately start permanently banning members who continues to post sexual related content (avatars/text and/or pictures) on this board. Please remove avatars with naked women and other similar stuff NOW!

---- Example of the many complaints I get:

Dear George,

I am so sorry to have to bother you. I notice, however, an increase of offensive contents in this board recently. I understand that people should have freedom to post their views as much as possible but there should also be limits to these sorts of things. Some people's avatars are still pornographic in nature, for instance.

And since we are talking about trying to keep the sort of 'adult content' in the board down a bit. I wonder if the offensive cartoons posted in some topics can be toned down a bit. For example, in one topic called 'Thai national dish' a cartoon of two women (presumably suppose to be Thai) having sex with a westerner is posted. In another, on the topic about Thai women marrying foreigners for money, another cartoon of a Thai woman with a westerner saying 'she is with me for the money and she is earnign every baht of it' is posted.

Well, really, if such cartoon is of some ethnic minority in the west instead of of Thai women, it would have been seen as highly racist already.

I do try to keep an open mind. However, I cannot help but feel some of the postings recently have been rather rude, vulgar, in bad taste and in some cases pure racist.

Again, I must apologise to have to ask for your time to bring this to your attention. When I first came across this board, it provided a very good insight into how an expat life in Thailand may be. It still does to some extent. But I fear the offensive materials seem to be now flooding the board. I know that many Thai people also read the board regularly. I have seen references to Thaivisa.com on Thai web sites from Thai posters. Many postings recently are likely to cause offence to these people as well.

If anything can be done to lessen such practise, it would be most appreciated. I really do like this board in general. But if these practise persist, I would have no choice but to stop using it, which would be a shame to me.

------ end quote -----

Our T.O.S. clearly says: http://www.thaivisa.com/forum/index.php?act=boardrules

Please read the board rules, it's no Yada Yada!

Thanks for your cooperation.


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Well, here we go again. Some of the avatars, albeit I liked them, do not mix with the message in the post. That is one reason why I do not use pictures myself, if the contrast between avatar and message would be bad.

One cartoon, mentioned by the complainant, in fact made me chuckle as it did reflect the situation perfectly well. I fully agree no pornographics must be used, but do not understand what is meant be 'pornographic in nature'. Shouldn't we ban all pornographics, not only in nature? (punt intended) :o

What does not amuse me at all are these kind of complains. No guts to come straight forward on the board to say, 'hey I don't like it' with a wellfounded crtiticism. I give this credit to the complainant.

George, you are doing a great job and your reaction was absolutely fair. I feel, however sorry for you having to deal with such kind of complainants who obviously are unable to make their own postings. As an afterthougt, should the complainant wish to have some of the avatars for a private collection, suggest to PM the parties concerned, asking for copies.

Otherwise, guys, dress up your avatars and follow the rules. There is no Chuwit in Thailand, no Patpong, no Ramkhanghaeng and???

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Due to misuse, we have temporary disabled all use of avatars until further notice.

We are now looking into this issue, and the admins are deleteing offending pictures from the system.

Sorry for the inconvenience!


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What does not amuse me at all are these kind of complains. No guts to come straight forward on the board to say, 'hey I don't like it' with a wellfounded crtiticism.

Although none of the offensive stuff gets through my thick hide, I can fully understand those that are offended by it.

Of course it is natural for these people to complain to the board admins and not to "come straight forward on the board to say, 'hey I don't like it' with a wellfounded crtiticism".

They do not need to justify their complaint to the offenders and be flamed for pointing out violations of T.O.S

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I did a bit of search over previous postings, could not find any offending posts, pictures or avatars.

Maybe the avatar with the young lady in yellow might have been too much for the

soft heartened. However, the poster had asked and got confirmation:

"She is not nud_e, so this one is ok for the time beeing. Granted."

Perhaps, we should consider that there are very prude people out there, raised in the last millenium who might take offence on many things our sons (and daughters) take for normal.

Myself finally came around to put an avatar last Saturday, today it's gone. Just a nice little pussy,

cat, it was with big eyes from too long sitting on the computer. Oh well.

I would keep pictures, avatars etc. etc. to neutral. We don't have to put into here what is going on every day in real life. When I opened my eyes this morning I found a pamphlet attached to Bangkok Post showing a couple of beautiful bikini-clad girls in a swimming pool. How shocking this must have been for some people. It was for me, when I found out that it was for sale of some real estate in Ramkhanghaem. :o

Any guideline on what is acceptable and what not?

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