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BANGKOK 19 August 2019 20:49
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A Few (hopefully) Helpful Links

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Further to an earlier reply to a post, I thought that I might share the results of some of the research I've been doing over the past couple of years.

Most of these are EFL (or ESL for Americans) websites and most have material, lesson plans, tips and tricks etc.

These two are just English teaching websites but, if you subscribe (which is free), then you get regular updates in your email.



EFL sites



http://www.better-english.com/exerciselist.html (mainly for your students)



This one has loads of interactive exercises for your students


A New Zealand site, but enough resources to sink a battleship


This is a jump-site to language learning resources sites


Exercises ? you want exercises ? Back up a truck and help yourself


Stuck for a lesson plan ?


This one looks a bit naff when you first enter, but good stuff to be got


A pay site, but quite a bit of 'sample' stuff which looks really useful


A good site for both students and teachers - click on the 'Teachers Lounge' link


Just about everything


This is a jump-site with far too many links for me to review - worth an explore


Hope that some or any of these are of some use


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Thanks chaps.

Please bear in mind while informational URLs are acceptable, links to other discussion boards etc. are not (although from what I can see you've not linked to any anyway...so just FYI!).

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