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Bars In Bangna

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Oh, sorry I should have given directions. Just bend over, put your head between your legs, stick your tong out, wave it around till the wind picks up, after feeling something enter, just suck a little and if after sneaking a look up you see a mini skirt and big hands you know your there.


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I lived in Bang Na for 2.5 years and it's pretty bleak. If you're after something completely Western, you'll probably be let down. There are a few restaurants/watering holes at the back of Central Bang Na on the second floor. Also if you take the road to the left of the highway is a restaurant called 'Kratorn' or 'Gai Loi Fa' where they have an amusing show involving a man, a catapault, a flying roast chicken, and a unicycle. Failing that, head down Soi 103 (Udomsuk) but there's nothing particularly Western there. Or head towards and beyond Seacon Square; there are a few pubs there. Nothing Western though. Surely you can spare the taxt/BTS money and head into town? That's what I did - or head to some of the mixed bars.

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The reason I ask is that I live in Bang-Na, as do loads of Farangs. I've got me own motor, but would rather not travel all the way into town to have a couple of beers with my fellow Farang.

All I'm looking for is a friendly hang-out where I can suck back a few beers, chew the fat, and not drive 30 odd KMS into town.


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I live just up the road from Bkk Pattana and have be considering opening up a little joint for some time now. Looks like I may have at least one customer, Bob.

In the process of checking out some gaffs. I'll let you know how it all goes.

Look forward to a few beers together.


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