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I post under the name of Mighty Mouse. Since you changed to this new format I have been unable to log in.

I have tried the "Lost password" form on numerous occasions and keep getting the Log In Failure message.

I have tried the validation and validation key method without success.

Your help files don't help my situation.

I have come into the forum by submitting a new name, a name that I have no intention of keeping. I had no problem using the validation key entry with this new name. Why won't it work for Mighty Mouse?

My emails to administration result with you sending a Lost Password form and no helpful dialogue.

If you can't get me logged in under Mighty Mouse please tell me.

Is there any way you can cancell my Mighty Mouse registration and allow me to re-register under the same name? Then perhaps you can re-credit me with my posts to date.

Please check out my problem and advise.

Mick...formally known as Mighty Mouse *sob*


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Yes, I have already emailed to admin and they send through a Lost Password form only. No explanantions with it.

I have flushed my computer of built up files thinking that my computer could resorting to a failed entry file, but this didn't help either.

I guess I have to wait until George returns.

Very frustrating.

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Is his grog intake from this morning or a continuation of last night?

I haven't checked the size of his beer belly so I don't know what his capacity might be.

I have sent another email to him as you suggest. I just hope he doesn't spill any of his grog into his keyboard before he can solve my problem.

Mighty Mouse needs to fly again....and soon !!!!

Thanks for your advice, Dr.

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Mighty Moose,

Did you write down exactly your username and password somewhere? Check that you didn't use Mighty_Mouse before (with the underscore character) and double check your password (it is case sensitive). It is unlikely that the computer trashed your profile (unless it was sabotaged - do you have any enemies?).

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Edward B

The only enemies that Mighty Mouse has are those pesky tom cats, and I doubt that they would sabotage my password.

The system recognises my Mighty Mouse user name, but it won't accept my password.

On the "Forgotten password" form, I submitted a new password. I then tried to log in using the new password but it still tells me that an error has been made.

When I use the validation key, the system tells me that there is no need for Mighty Mouse to validate his membership.

If the system won't accept my original password and won't accept my change of password, where do I go next?

My emails to George at Administration have yet to be answered.

It seems that Mighty Mouse has been grounded. :o

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I suggested in an earlier post that administration delete my Mighty Mouse account and let me re-register the name. Although I don't particularly want to start again as a "newbie."

It would be easy to choose a totally different identity but that's not the point. Either I'm doing something wrong or the system has fouled up and I'd like to know what it is.

I'm still patiently waiting for George to return from his drinking binge. I just hope that some kind person fills him up with coffee to de-frazzle his head before he tackles my problem.


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I have again gone through the exercise of trying to log in as Mighty Mouse with my password. I submitted another new password and again tried to log in under the new password. The system tells me that my (new) password is incorrect.

I have no trouble logging in as Please Help.

It seems that the system can not/will not/has not recorded a password for Mighty Mouse. No matter how many times I put in a password, whether it be my original password or a new one, the system doesn't recognise it.

Someone needs to be on hand with the system when next I try.

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Thanks George.

I am right in assuming that the problem is with the system and not with me?

I tried to log in using a different browser but with still the same negative result.

Please make a new regsitration and I will move your old posts to your new nick later. Something apparently went wrong with your conversion to the new board. Still awaiting reply from the Invisonboard support.

This is the first report of this kind, anybody else affected with having problems logging in after the migration? Pls post here!

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