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Maybe you know this picture and maybe they have been postet here already, sorry if so but i just found them on a Website mentioned here on ThaiVisa

All pictures taken 1975



Back site of Nana Hotel


Sukhumvit Rd.


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Wow, great pics. Thanks for sharing.

One observation-there are no people! And the sidewalk shot in the second pic-where are all the vendors? (and customers...)

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Wow, very nice too.

Maybe you could tell us where are this photos was taken, please?????

Thought I would make it a guessing game. :) It was a long time ago - believe the top one is on Petchburi which was the main entertainment avenue at the time. The 2nd one shows the Manhattan hotel in the background, the 3rd also Petchburi and the last is the Giant Swing.

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