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Would you want the .pdf files burned on CD?

I've been using a pro shop for this, but only ~ 20 pages. Not sure about the price, around 10 per page? If you are stuck and would mail the hard copies, I could obtain the shop's address. they speak English.

No affiliation, but they have professional equipment and can do it quickly. Got any quotes so far?


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I hunted long and hard for this. In theory they should be everywhere since there are a vast number of copyshops particularly around universities. The price should be 1 baht a copy as that is the photocopy price. It costs less to convert to a PDF.

What you need is a machine that simply looks like a mass copier that turns the document into a PDF file within 1 or 2 minutes. This appears to be pretty rare here or the technology while available is not set up to do it even though they can.

I was offered the ludicrous price of 20 baht a copy on a place around Ekkamai. Please let me know how it goes. It is important to me that it is offered with Thai/Japanese/English OCR (script ) reading software. Again, this is totally routine with any photocopier bought in the last 5 years.

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A shop in Silom/Naratiwat area does scan to pdf at 5 baht/page

much to expensive for 1000s of pages I need to scan

should be cheaper than 50 satang/photocopy as no paper and toner is used

they have a photocopty machine able to do it, but are lazy to set it up with teir computer use a large A0 scanner instead

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37 minutes ago, Ian Rivera said:

I want to ask everyone, can you scan PDF and upload directly with your mobile camscanner?

I have. I scan/capture a document that's then rasterized and corrected for geometry and then e-mailable as a pdf file.

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You guys realise that you are replying to an 11 year old topic?


I think that technology has moved on considerably in the last decade particularly in the area of mobile devices and apps.


If you have any more questions I suggest that you start a new topic in the appropriate forum.



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