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Curfew In Chiang Mai & Situation Updates

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The last paragraph.

http://' target="_blank">This Friday is Visakha Bucha Day

Banks and government offices to close

This Friday, May 28, is one of the most venerated holidays on the Buddhist calendar: Visakha Bucha Day. This Buddhist Holy Day marks the beginning of the Buddhist Era 2,548 years ago, and celebrates the miracle of the Buddha being born, reaching enlightenment and passing away and achieving final release from the circle of rebirth, all on the same date.


Crowds of worshippers perform the ‘wien thien’ ceremony around Wat Phra That Doi Suthep on Visakha Bucha Day last year.

Devout Buddhists will be participating in ceremonies at nearby temples, making merit in the morning by bringing alms to monks and listening to sermons. Later in the evening devotees will continue assembling at temples to conduct the “Wien Thien” ceremony, walking around sacred temple grounds three times holding candles, joss sticks and flowers honoring the Buddha, the Dharma (Buddha’s teachings) and the Sangha (the Buddhist Monastic Order).

Thousands of people are expected once again to participate in the annual procession from the city up to Doi Suthep, where they will then take part in traditional ceremonies.

For this holiday, killing any kind of animal and drinking alcohol or intoxicating substances is forbidden for 3 days. Wats are to be adorned with lanterns, flowers and joss sticks as symbols of worship, and skyrockets will be lit for three days to celebrate.

Banks and government offices are closed for this holiday. Although not mandatory, the government is asking that no alcohol be served on this day, and that all bars and entertainment venues close for 1 day. An unnamed police spokesman told
Chiang Mai Mail
that police will strictly enforce this “request”.

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Agree. Those "scofflaws", especially those on a high horse, should receive a weighted baton to the head for taking this thread off-topic.


As member heybruce pointed out, this thread is not about people observing the curfew, and respecting the law.

It is about people flouting the law, and seeing what they can get away with.

Uh, I'd like to point out that forum rules are clear about condoning, or engaging in illegal activities.

(Some people just can't let sleeping dogs lie, even when they are treading on very thin ice....)


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