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What was the dirty joke you told them, Anguid? :lol: :lol:

I really like that heron photo by Soohk. It would be a beauty to hang on a wall... whether you were into birds or not.

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that is one of the best bird photographs i've ever seen...

its been bugging me all day this photo.. knawing at my subconscious..

now i realise why...


perhaps angiud's myna's don't believe that elephants can fly either.. :D

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One of my favorite areas to visit in Thailand, is Thali Noi Lake area, in northern Songkhla, I try to get down there a couple of times a year.

It's not a well traveled area by "western tourists" but bus loads of Malaysians do visit the area, usually on day trips.

April is the best month for the Lotus blooms, you need to be an "early bird" as they close up for the day between 11 am & noon. January brings many migratory birds, but there are still some Lotus, blooming... breathe taking!

post-85461-003078600 1280933570_thumb.jp

post-85461-093048400 1280933632_thumb.jp

post-85461-078566500 1280933642_thumb.jp

post-85461-027735500 1280933698_thumb.jp

post-85461-086020700 1280933844_thumb.jp

post-85461-063492700 1280933882_thumb.jp

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What type of snake is that, Goshawk? He was distracted by someone while you took the photo.

I did the same with these snake photos. But I got too close to the cobra and it actually tapped the lens on my camera.




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Thanks for the great wildlfe photos, only regret that I am too kackhanded so I just point and click :huh: I have many pre digital black and whites of wildlife going back 50 years from giant carp and vultures in 1960,s northeast thailand, to elephant capture and cull in 1983 , and of course our captive raptor breeding programs, when I figure how will try to publish some of them, :wai:

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Keep the photos coming and it will stay near the top of the list.

I usually only pin reference items, otherwise it will get too crowded at the top.

You can always keep a bookmark?

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