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Palm Treess For Oil, Moving To The Sticks

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After much consideration about what to do with my land in Nakhon, we have opted for a Palm plantation as there is little set up costs = 70 baht per palm (bought in Krabi). I am told that it is a 3 year growth period after planting and then its "free money" every month for the rest of my life.

I currently have seven Rai at the back of my river front land (where Ill build the house) and that will net me 4000 baht per month. I am negotiating for another 42 Rai directly behind that, which should return another 24 k per month.

Obviously some labour to pay, but as it is family, that will be little :o:D

I enjoyed my 4 days in Nakhon, I have bought a second hand timber home for 70k = 8 meters by 12 meters and that will be built this month. It will be used as a retreat until I move permanantly and I build my dream home.

I hope to move there full timeish by the start of next year :D

edit: thanks for all the farming ideas given to me by your good selves, but noisy sheep, goats, pigs and the like will only spoil the silence..

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I am interested in your plans.

Can you posts more details.

What sort of land, how much water is needed, trees per rai

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