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Jomtien Fishing Park Vs. Pattaya Fishing Park

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Pattaya Fishing park has got expensive. I took my son in law there. way too many people fishing, swims flooded with bait, caught nothing and they charged us 1100 bht. We were there just under an hour. Needless to say won't be going there again. 20 quid to sit down. GREEDY is the word that springs to mind. The value has gone out of that place. Shame it was good.

Apologise for you not to fish on at our Pattaya Fishing Park, Our services and staffs bare in our mind, how important of our customer,They will always get pressure when the line and rod keeping quiet, because they know, there is plenty of big fish, size up to 50 kgs loaded in the pond, some conditions such as the weather too cold so fish might eats less,or someday we are very busy, (just in case) or Customer brings their own rod, Our staffs not allowed to touch the rod(incase accident and damage) for support such as Staff knows well where the areas fish are. But if you rent our rod 500 baht per day (including fishing fee), We promised to look after you and do every thing for making customer gets the big one,(almost 100% has been ok.) our location is closed to Sukhumwit Pattaya Road, far away from Pattaya Under Waterworld just 5 minutes, contact us or booking 081-652-7829,085-915-2575

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