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How Does A Farang Make Money- Isaan

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You a London boy,Derek?Not many of us in these parts.

How did you guess Aletta.... :o

Live near Korat now, still go back to London for business 1 month in 3.

Where are you based?

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There are a few aletta, just wish I was there on a more permanent basis :o

BANGKOKBUTCHER, I live in the South East corner of Kalasin close to Mukdahan, do you know of any butchers in this area that can butcher a cow Farang style? Thanks. Issangeorge.

Unfortunately I cannot speak from personal experience, but I do believe there are a few places around Issarn that could help you out...

Try doing a search for more details...

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if someone set up a decent homestay/small guesthouse halfway between kk & korat, i would frequent it for a couple weeks a year as staying at the mil's is a pain in ass what with the giant mossies & no aircon & the hassle one normally gets from a mil :o

Yes I agree with that. I would like to open such a place myself, but not enough funds. There is a steady stream of both Thai and farangs that would find use for such a guest house/bar/restaurant.

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Yes I agree with that. I would like to open such a place myself, but not enough funds

Maybe all the chaps in the area could band together and build a guesthouse.The companys 51 per cent Thai shareholders could be the wives/girlfriends.

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There's a Chang brewery in nong Khai Province and it kicks out a horrible chemical like foul stench.I hate to think what they put in that beer. :o

Well at least they seem to be getting all the toxins out. Mind you I've drunk hundreds of gallons of the stuff and as you can see by my photo I'm OK. :D

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Interesting points raised in this thread, but you have to consider that the majority of short-stay visitors would be Thai. Prior to getting a house built in Issan, I used to stay at the local Resort. Beautiful chalets; small by western standards, but with air-conditioning and western toilet and shower.

Speaking with Duan's German husband, Johann, he explained that occupancy is close to 100% all year round as many Thai men take their mia noi (minor wife) to the chalets for a 'short time.'

I think for a Resort to be successful you have to treat it like any other business: find your market, find out what your market wants, then supply your market.


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