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How Does A Farang Make Money- Isaan

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You would have to be an idiot to set up a guesthouse anywhere else in Nong Khai

The town is the only place with any life at all.As for that guesthouse in Phon Phisai,the less said the better.I see that it's up for sale at six and a half million Baht a rai with no prospect of any guests!!That's more expensive than beach front on Samui.

Isaan village guesthouse for sale

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if someone set up a decent homestay/small guesthouse halfway between kk & korat, i would frequent it for a couple weeks a year as staying at the mil's is a pain in ass what with the giant mossies & no aircon & the hassle one normally gets from a mil :o

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13 million Baht for seven guestrooms.Thats five star prices.If it's not a going concern then you could divide the land into three but that would be Four and a half million Baht for two thirds of a rai.

I see some farmers are making cash by selling organic chillies to Tesco.Trouble is putting all your eggs in one ruthless basket.

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funny u all should mention but was talking witht he guys here along the lines of 'what if...' i.e. what if the kibbutz falls apart etc etc and i will be old with no one to support me... so two guys offerred land to rent, build a small thai style house, and do 'guest house'... i'll drag in all the israelis looking for cheap travel.... wont u all love me then 55555555....

one area near nong khai, the other near udon thani areas....i tell u all what...

u build the house... i'll find the israelis, u give me commission, and u deal with the tourists at your end... i'll  deal with the flak when they come back home to gripe and complain (they always always do )...

just when i was getting excited about an idea.... havnt tourists discoverd issan yet?

I reckon that if you don't have the money or pension to stay here you should not be here. 8 years ago there were only a couple of farang bars in Udon. Harry's', Erwyn's and TG's. Now there are about 20 farang bars. This is because there have been too many farangs coming on holiday and thinking that a bar is the answere to thier financial problems. In Nong Khai there was at the last count, about 26 bars. Again farangs coming to town and thinking they can scratch a living by opening a bar. In most cases it's a shack. Most of these bars whether it be in Udon or Nong Khai are frequented by thier rivals, who take alternate nights off to go and spy on other bars. About 1% of farangs make it with bars. If they are truthful they will admit it. Look at the amount who have packed in and went home,it's too many to remember. Many young guys come here and try to settle with thier "two week" holiday t'luck when they should be back in thier own country paying into a pension for thier retirement years. (The small head rules)

I have said this before and many of the older residents have heard it also. There is only one way to leave Thailand with a small fortune. The answere is to come here with a BIG fortune. If there was a fortune to be made in Thailand it would be made by a Thai.

I bet there is a bit of slagging about this. Be truthful before you reply.

At last a man who truly knows what its all about, Well said.
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A "falang" bar, resteraunt, you could spin off doing house rentals/sales car moterbike rentles, internet  sell "falang" foods ect, It would have to be in a fairly big town with a lot of falangs though.... mabye somewhere like Surin :D  :o

Actually If there was somewhere like that near me they would probably make a tidy living as people would drive  from far around to go there.... mabye.  The other option is cows.

yep, i think that's exactly what they need in Surin ... :D

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