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Holiday To Pattaya

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Yeah I'll second that emotion too :) . Support the newbies and try to keep the oldies. Its not too much to ask.

Back on topic, I only did that long drive south once, an overnighter. Its a seriously long drive for me now, and I've done a lot of Holiday miles by road in the past. I seem to recall stopping at a road side place just south of Tak. In future I'll probably book somewhere further south, a couple of hours north of Bangkok. I'll check back to this topic when I do.


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Can you people please stop this fight??

I was only asking for a hotel between CR and Pattaya.

What Fight Cmjantje ? . The last two post have been on topic . ........... :unsure:

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I usually drive from Chiang Mai to Pattaya in one go, but in the past have broken the journey at Kampaeng Phet. Coming from Chiang Rai, this may also be a logical rest point for you also.

In the past I have stayed at the Navara hotel but I cannot find a website for it and it is a little complicated to get to from Highway 1. Perhaps the Chakungrao Riverside Hotel?


My own driving route:

For a start, if there is not more than one driver, then you will have to plan to make an overnight stop somewhere. I usually drive Pattaya or Rayong non-stop, but am spelled for a time driving by my wife.

Route:Check the map or Google route for Chiang Rai to Lampang

Highway 1 Lampang - Tak 2 hours

Tak - Kamphaeng Phet 1 hour

Kamphaeng Phet - Nakhon Sawan 2 hours

Nakhon Sawan - Ayyutaya 2 hours

Just follow the road signs

As you are approaching Ayyuthaya, look out for the Ring Road number 9 - East bound (left) which will take you around Bangkok (follow the airport signs) This will drop you at the doorstep of the airport Suvanabhumi on Highway 7 - 1 hour

Continue South following signs for Pattaya on highway 7

The Ring Road and parts of Higway 7 are toll way so prepared to have some small demonination notes or change 30 baht per toll

But you can speed up to 120 kph

Suvanabhumi - Pattaya - 1 hour

There are western toilets at

At the service centre 50 KMs south of Nakon Sawan

and the service centre 20 Kms south of Suvanabhumi

Other than that - brazen it out and use the PTT filling stations and use the loo for people with disabilities (which I have and I am sure no one would mind) which is at most PTT/7-11 gas stations

Suggestions for overnight

Khampaeng Phet - Navara Hotel or as listed above

PM me if you need more info

Good luck and have a great holiday


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Can you people please stop this fight??

I was only asking for a hotel between CR and Pattaya.

Sorry for my addition to the off topic posts.

If I was driving from Chiang Rai to Pattaya , I usually go the Phitsanulok, Phetchbun road and would stop near to the Lomsak junction not far from Phetchabun.

There are many small cheap and clean hotels near to the juction.

Prices about 300 baht for a fan room with shower.

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If you don't really like the drive, perhaps take the overnight NakornChai-Air bus (4 per-day from CR ?), and sleep on the bus ? I recently used their Silver-Class to return from Patters to CM, and while it wasn't wonderful, it does beat a long drive with very-busy roads once you get down to the Bangkok-area. B)

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My wife and I took Air Asia and the airport bus to Pattaya this week. I was too chicken to drive. We hadn't been to Pattaya in 20 years. It was 'interesting' ... blink.gif

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I have done this trip quite a few times on motorbike. I have stayed at different cities. Where you want to stay depends on different factors, like your budget, and how many stops you want to make. If you want to make just one stop, then probably nakon sawan is the place to stop.

Nakon sawan is a big city. So sure there are many hotels there. I have never stopped there, so I can not give you advice for this place.

Phitsanoluk got a nice cheap hotel called sri song kwae (pronounced see song kwaa). You turn towards phitsanoluk. Road number 11 I believe it is. Or when the road finished in a T-cross. It is right before the bridge. And now I am sorry, I can not remember whether you need to make a u-turn to get there. It is right next to the big temple there. So if you dont find it, you can just make a couple of u-turns. You can walk and see the temple in the morning before you leave, and in the evening there is the nice night bazar to go out, and a couple of nice places to go out for drink as well.

Then there is uttaradit. The best place to play here is Arlee Mansion. I can not remember the direction, but the locals should know where it is. Uttaradit has a lot less night life than Phitsanoluk. Both arlee mansion and sri song kwae has wireless internet, new air con, quiet and less than 500 baht.

You can also stop in lopburi. You should know there are lots of monkey in this town, and they steal from you quite easy. I dont believe they carry rabbies, but I would not deny it. Around the train station (satanee rotfai) there are lots of cheap places to stay. They are somewhat cheap, so not sure you can get like hot water, but you should be able to get a room with an old air con. There are also some nicer hotels (a couple of streets from the train station), but when I was there, they were full.

Being on the road in Thailand and not finding a place to stay. I would not be too worried. I am been on the road in some weird spots. Dont worry. Every single little amphur has at least a couple of places to stay. I am sure your wife knows enough thai to ask rong raam yuu tee nai kha?

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I am going tomorrow 4 am. I think the drive will be more than the 11 hours as reported but between 14 and 16.

I will not stay in a hotel but take some nice food and drink, and don't forget, some good music with me.

I report back when I am back, planning to stay 2 full days in Pattaya

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