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I should pint out that the village and the valley are called Doi Chang. Doi Chaang is the name of a coffee company established several years ago by a consortium of Bangkok and foreign businessmen who have laid now claim to the original coffee of the area. Amazing what money (distributed to the right people) will do.

If you want to get to know the original coffee growers of the valley, the company is called Doi Chang and is based in the middle of the village of Doi Chang.

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walking along chiang rai beach on a cool december morning watching the rice harvest in mid november from my deck watching the morning "rush hour" with Thais bundled up on their motorcys like they ar

OK i am sitting in USA and bored....so i find that i enjoy thinking of positive things about Chiang Rai...here's some more... hearing massage parlor girls ask "massage sir?" in a sing song voice sit

Here are some good things I am thankful for on this Thanksgiving Day. Yesterday was Loy Krathong here in Thailand, a lovely holiday though our animals are not fond of the noise. Today is Thanksgivin

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Yesterday we traveled to an isolated mountain temple in a village inhabited only by mountain people.

Had a wonderful time, even if the kids managed kwai khau at least four or five times - but that was before we started hanging out the ice cream.

Then farang dee...

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Flying back into Chiang Rai after spending a week in Bangkok is a very good thing. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy my visits to Bangkok, but there is just something calming and relaxing about getting back to the Rai.smile.png

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I went down with a friend a few weeks back.

Had a steak, bought some clothes, checked a few markets out, enjoyed the hotel pool and facilities and was glad to get home.

That was with 3 days away.

Once a year is more than enough.



All our best friends still work in Bangkok so we can handle more than once a year but 3 or 4 days is about right for a nice visit.

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