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Accumulation of "likes" is far easier if people frequent the news and General section.

Saying the Thai government isn't fit to run a chook raffle will usually attract up to a dozen or twenty, while presenting the opposite view will be rewarded with a similar number.

Give advice with careful research and uploaded maps and links and you're lucky to get two or three.

Go figure. cool.png

While you can get a fair number of “likes” by spouting hate or wearing a tinfoil hat, I find I can outpace them with feel good topics...like my most recent one.smile.png

It's like the old newspaper adage: It isn't news when the plane lands safely.

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walking along chiang rai beach on a cool december morning watching the rice harvest in mid november from my deck watching the morning "rush hour" with Thais bundled up on their motorcys like they ar

OK i am sitting in USA and bored....so i find that i enjoy thinking of positive things about Chiang Rai...here's some more... hearing massage parlor girls ask "massage sir?" in a sing song voice sit

Here are some good things I am thankful for on this Thanksgiving Day. Yesterday was Loy Krathong here in Thailand, a lovely holiday though our animals are not fond of the noise. Today is Thanksgivin

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My visitor had a bad night and woke up quite ill with a bad cough so ran him into Sriburin Hospital near Big C, arriving about 8.45am.

Met at the door by two nice girls with good English skills who walked us through the procedure.


Chest X-Ray

3 lots of tablets.

1300 baht total, back in the car before 10am.

He's ok, just airline air conditioning bronchitis.

We had a bit of a panic, he's 76.

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We have it pretty good for bread in Chiang Rai these days but it's still worth a trip out to Ban Lom Jen HomeStay on baking days (Sundays and Wednesdays) for something a bit different.

Excellent baked cheese rolls and raisin bread along with a great apple crumble pie makes it worth the trip alone.


I see you can order online so as not to be disappointed.



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