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New Laws For Red Plates Introduced

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New laws concerning the use of red plates (dealer plates) have just been issued, as follows:

Red plates can now only be fitted to a car for 3,000km or 1 Month (whichever comes first). Exceeding this, or any attempt to obscure the plate number and/or use of damaged plates that cannot be clearly read will attract a fine not exceding 2,000 Baht.

Use of counterfeit red plates will attract a fine not exceeding 10,000 and/or 6 months to 5 years prison.

Anyone that's ever bought a new car in Thailand knows that it takes 6-8 weeks to get your normal (white) plates. however according to the land transport department this delay is due to your dealer and/or finance company, not them. They say they can issue plates within 1 day.

Link to more info (Thai language): http://auto.sanook.com/item/1055-กรมการขนส่งทางบก-ป้ายแดงจริงใช้ได้ไม่เกิน-1-เดือน.html

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We didn't have red plates. Had to drive around with none for the 3 weeks it took for the white ones to be issued. We live upcountry.

The dealer told us a lot of people keep the red plates until a new plate with their "lucky" numbers is available and in some cases that can take a year.

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The plate process is quite quick, and in my experience its the dealer. You can reserver your plate number in literally 20 mins at land transport dept. You dealer getting off their ass to finish their paper work is the normal hold up.

I have been to many government offices last few months, and they are very efficient..... could teach the private sector a thing or two. ( except local police offices - the opposite applies )

- Khet ( tabien baan etc).

- Driver license

- Car rego

- tax dept ( request copies of docs)

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The dealer has to produce an invoice from the factory.

If you can obtain a copy of the original invoice from the factory to the dealer, proceed to the LTO.

There deliver the paperwork, pay the fee, get the compulsory insurance, get the plates, attach the plates to the car.

Total time, around 1,5 hours.

Did this also for a motorbike, same time

Tell the dealer you have to go abroad with the car.

Indeed, the LTO can get everything ok within the same day.

Highly efficient.

In fact the dealer could deliver the car to you including registration.

If they want to do

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I do hope that someone has told the Land Transport Office about these new regulations.

They are the ones who create the delays.

IME it takes 2-3 month to get white plates issued.

As for driving on red plates, I once saw a Thai car near Ghenting, just outside KL Malaysia,

with red plates. I was astonished.

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Why can't the dealers have a stock of numbers/number plates. which can be issued at the same time that a vehicle is bought. This is the way in happens in the UK. No delay.

Production of the registration book might take a bit longer, but at least the vehicle ha a number and can be traced in the event of an accident; hit and run etc.

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My car dealer (K motors) took almost two months. . . and that's with me calling and harassing them every week. I say, we shouldn't fine the driver; we should fine the dealers!

Did they get rid of that crazy no driving at night law or is it still in place? AFAIK, most people (myself included) want to get the white plate ASAP because of being harassed by cops at night. I had been stopped over 20 times in 2 months and ticketed once (no questions asked, he just wrote the ticket).

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When i got my jazz on the 13th this month they told me it would only take 1 month for new plates. We will see im curious if they are right.

It took 3 month in my case...

Had to travel everywhere with that brown notebook and write my destination every day.

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...I paid cash for a new Honda Wave in Pattaya at Mityon Motors. They said 2 months for white plates and green book.

More like 3 months.

Lotsa finger pointing will be ensuing over this issue.

BiB will be getting creative to raise funds.

Make sure everyone xeroxes their Green Book and Rego and Proof of insurance to keep in boot of motorbike

or glovebox of car/truck. I keep mine in a ZipLock bag with small notebook to keep track of gas purchases,

oil changes and new tyres. If I ride at 60kmph and steady, I can get 65kmpl.

If I have the throttle pinned and heading into a headwind, more like 44kmpl.

I was on a long motorbike ride down to Trat and at Chanthaburi, the Police had a road block checking all paperwork, stopping

all vehicles.

My buddy and I were the only ones allowed through as we had Thai driver's licenses, all the correct paperwork and 100b

mixed in with the xerox copies.

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I do hope that someone has told the Land Transport Office about these new regulations.

They are the ones who create the delays.

Not According to นายชัยรัตน์ สงวนชื่ the Director of the Land Transport Department, and man announcing the new rules. In the linked article he clearly states that new plates can be issued in a day, and all that's required is the vehicle invoice, an ID card, and a vehicle inspection.

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Actually Thais are very proud if they can afford a brand new vehicle and they love to show it keeping their red license plate as long as they possibly can, we know a thai BMW Series 3 owner who accepts to pay 'fines' as long as possible, he doesn't want to change for a white license plate, its over a year now and he still proudly presents his 'brandnew' car

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