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1930'S - 1940'S

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post-69759-012179900 1280919213_thumb.jp

post-69759-038942700 1280919222_thumb.jp

post-69759-041259300 1280919232_thumb.jp

post-69759-068718600 1280919255_thumb.jp

post-69759-059008700 1280919275_thumb.jp

post-69759-025141100 1280919299_thumb.jp

post-69759-002448700 1280919317_thumb.jp

post-69759-094733200 1280919352_thumb.jp

post-69759-054846100 1280919376_thumb.jp

post-69759-003258300 1280919395_thumb.jp

post-69759-063614700 1280919403_thumb.jp

post-69759-041213700 1280919833_thumb.jp

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Great photos thanks for posting them, Id loved to have seen Thailand before it became so commercialised.

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I know you've been thanked for your fascinating contributions but I can't resist saying: well done, good on you.

A picture is worth a thousand words and all that but some of these pictures are works of art and they help us understand a lot more about Thai society than a lot of wordy books.

I am particularly interested in the war ones. I take it that some of the photos are of the Thai/Burma Railway of WW11? Being an Aussie I couldn't help noticing the slouch hats.

More please. You are doing everyone a service.

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