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BANGKOK 18 April 2019 18:02
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1950'S - 1960'S

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Really great photo,s from the 60,s,they bring back lots of memories, here are some of my own taken in the Ubon Mukdaharn, yasothon area in bettween 1963 and 1966

my apologies bad eyesight the photo titled mukdaharn ferry is actually from one of our bridge building exercises in malaya :jap:

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Jim Thompson 1950 Bangkok

post-69759-019334100 1280129529_thumb.jp

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post-69759-000416000 1280227957_thumb.jp

post-69759-019465300 1280227964_thumb.jp

post-69759-050201000 1280227970_thumb.jp

post-69759-045696000 1280227978_thumb.jp

post-69759-082922000 1280227985_thumb.jp

post-69759-079549000 1280227992_thumb.jp

post-69759-010887500 1280227999_thumb.jp

post-69759-087265300 1280228007_thumb.jp

post-69759-057420500 1280228016_thumb.jp

post-69759-080598400 1280228026_thumb.jp

post-69759-070449600 1280228035_thumb.jp

post-69759-016129500 1280228047_thumb.jp

post-69759-044206200 1280228056_thumb.jp

post-69759-026872700 1280229031_thumb.jp

post-69759-006648600 1280229040_thumb.jp

post-69759-019022300 1280229047_thumb.jp

post-69759-065802500 1280229055_thumb.jp

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post-69759-034146300 1280230032_thumb.jp

post-69759-054864800 1280230038_thumb.jp

post-69759-025838200 1280230047_thumb.jp

post-69759-082821800 1280230054_thumb.jp

post-69759-032478500 1280230062_thumb.jp

post-69759-071005400 1280230068_thumb.jp

post-69759-097350300 1280230636_thumb.jp

post-69759-072094100 1280230643_thumb.jp

post-69759-026974400 1280230651_thumb.jp

post-69759-041810700 1280230658_thumb.jp

post-69759-002921400 1280230667_thumb.jp

post-69759-043469600 1280230673_thumb.jp

post-69759-041697700 1280230679_thumb.jp

post-69759-067492100 1280230686_thumb.jp

post-69759-086269700 1280230695_thumb.jp

post-69759-087998500 1280230703_thumb.jp

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post-69759-031042300 1280232152_thumb.jp

post-69759-049415100 1280232160_thumb.jp

post-69759-077894400 1280232166_thumb.jp

post-69759-035738000 1280232173_thumb.jp

post-69759-037193500 1280232181_thumb.jp

post-69759-027581000 1280232188_thumb.jp

post-69759-043104800 1280232195_thumb.jp

post-69759-010456700 1280233143_thumb.jp

post-69759-037845800 1280233150_thumb.jp

post-69759-024967800 1280233158_thumb.jp

post-69759-082802800 1280233164_thumb.jp

post-69759-029312300 1280233172_thumb.jp

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post-69759-020486200 1280275104_thumb.jp

post-69759-088385500 1280275111_thumb.jp

post-69759-013775600 1280275118_thumb.jp

post-69759-023474200 1280275125_thumb.jp

post-69759-054220200 1280275131_thumb.jp

post-69759-070754900 1280275137_thumb.jp

post-69759-083306500 1280275143_thumb.jp

post-69759-058096800 1280275376_thumb.jp

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post-69759-067892800 1280284228_thumb.jp

post-69759-018553500 1280284235_thumb.jp

post-69759-064496600 1280284241_thumb.jp

post-69759-098624200 1280284248_thumb.jp

post-69759-052833300 1280284256_thumb.jp

post-69759-057971700 1280284262_thumb.jp

post-69759-023263000 1280284269_thumb.jp

post-69759-041443100 1280284275_thumb.jp

post-69759-069454800 1280284302_thumb.jp

post-69759-037070100 1280284311_thumb.jp

post-69759-056730600 1280284319_thumb.jp

post-69759-014923400 1280284330_thumb.jp

post-69759-066799200 1280284339_thumb.jp

post-69759-086769100 1280284349_thumb.jp

post-69759-048527000 1280284480_thumb.jp

post-69759-006454700 1280285454_thumb.jp

post-69759-064459000 1280285461_thumb.jp

post-69759-015985900 1280285469_thumb.jp

post-69759-071397500 1280285476_thumb.jp

post-69759-000388200 1280285484_thumb.jp

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