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BANGKOK 25 April 2019 17:07
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1970'S - 1990'S

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Sukhumvit near Nana 1975

YEAH, there were times when we can see the sky in Sukhumvit (((-:

I have been in Bkk and Pattaya first in 1975 and remember also a lot of Klongs in Bangkok, not much skyscrapers and absolutely no skytrains or too much traffic.

THANKS for the pictures timestamp :jap:

That's the same impression I got from the photo as well. No skytrains. Lots of blue sky. The TAILORS sign looks familiar. So does that white building in the background. One of my favorite spots to stay at was the shady old Mermaid's Rest guesthouse/bar/restaurant on Soi 8, on the right, just off Sukhumvit Road. It had a great all-you-can-eat outdoor grill buffet. On one occasion, they goofed up the reservations. All they had was a smaller room, which was okay with me. Cost: 50 baht/day. That was sometime around the late 80s or early 90s.

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:thumbsup: Nice photo of Suk and Soi 8. Thanks for posting it. It's exactly as I remember. Hey, I think I see myself heading for Soi 8. LOL!

For those who don't know, Soi 8 is on the right in the photo where the cars are coming out, just past the reddish rails. On this side of the Soi, but on Sukhumvit, is a shop. I can't remember all they sold there, but I do remember they had a number of highly detailed Chinese cork sculptures depicting mountains, trees, birds, pagodas, etc., all contained in glass cases of various shapes. I was so impressed I bought about three of them with a discount. On the other side of Soi 8 was another store on the corner, and just past that a short distance was a branch of Bangkok Bank with an exchange booth out in front. Exchange rates at the time was 25 baht to the US dollar. Might not sound like a great rate, but it was excellent at the time. Prices were much lower so you could get a lot more for your money.

Across Sukhumvit from Soi 8 and on the corner (Soi 11, I think) was a shoe store, I believe called Phraya. Bought a nice comfortable pair of leather sandals there. I still have those same sandals, still in good shape. A bit down Soi 11 from Phraya Shoes, is the Siam Commercial Bank. A few steps past the shoe store along Suk, led to a parking area for the Ambassador Hotel. There was a nice covered food area with cheap, but good Thai food. And out in the parking area was a mini-zoo. Further down Sukhumvit, on the left side in the photo, on Soi 13 is the Miami Hotel. Can't see it in the photo. But out in front directly on Suk, was the Thermae Coffee Shop and another bank & exchange booth. In the morning, there was a guy with a cart and tables set up in front of the Thermae serving breakfast, good coffee, and khao pat khai. There was another set up in a nook along Soi 8 too.

Good times and made a lot of good friends there.

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post-69759-001763400 1280468761_thumb.jp

post-69759-077915200 1280468778_thumb.jp

post-69759-030301200 1280468804_thumb.jp

post-69759-063189400 1280468823_thumb.jp

post-69759-060212100 1280468851_thumb.jp

post-69759-086623800 1280468880_thumb.jp

post-69759-079017500 1280468913_thumb.jp

post-69759-056400500 1280468951_thumb.jp

post-69759-033372400 1280468978_thumb.jp

post-69759-080877700 1280469013_thumb.jp

post-69759-007567300 1280469038_thumb.jp

post-69759-063236100 1280469063_thumb.jp

post-69759-007341800 1280469094_thumb.jp

post-69759-024400600 1280469114_thumb.jp

post-69759-011892800 1280469749_thumb.jp

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post-69759-028053400 1280527281_thumb.jp

post-69759-082509100 1280527326_thumb.jp

post-69759-009834300 1280527346_thumb.jp

post-69759-005788700 1280527368_thumb.jp

post-69759-054735900 1280527385_thumb.gi

post-69759-064584200 1280527405_thumb.jp

post-69759-041428500 1280527418_thumb.jp

post-69759-009434500 1280527450_thumb.jp

post-69759-062351900 1280527481_thumb.jp

post-69759-043272800 1280527502_thumb.jp

post-69759-065478400 1280527560_thumb.jp

post-69759-084102400 1280527582_thumb.jp

post-69759-091164700 1280527601_thumb.jp

post-69759-005731000 1280527629_thumb.jp

post-69759-045401100 1280527663_thumb.jp

post-69759-036308500 1280528231_thumb.jp

post-69759-091879300 1280528244_thumb.jp

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post-69759-031367500 1280614476_thumb.jp

post-69759-039979100 1280614508_thumb.jp

post-69759-007285500 1280614535_thumb.jp

post-69759-078383700 1280614561_thumb.jp

post-69759-036370000 1280614593_thumb.jp

post-69759-030699900 1280614626_thumb.jp

post-69759-088618300 1280614650_thumb.jp

post-69759-070808100 1280614670_thumb.jp

post-69759-047036200 1280614701_thumb.jp

post-69759-001696600 1280614746_thumb.jp

post-69759-064978300 1280614771_thumb.jp

post-69759-028801700 1280614791_thumb.jp

post-69759-070587400 1280614837_thumb.jp

post-69759-080825900 1280614862_thumb.jp

post-69759-065399000 1280614909_thumb.jp

post-69759-028196400 1280614942_thumb.jp

post-69759-031653200 1280615836_thumb.jp

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Sukhumvit Road, Soi 8, 1986

ZZ, I was looking at that photo of Sukhumvit, Soi 8, and something didn't look quite right about it to me. I was thinking the view was looking east in the direction of Robinson Dept. store, but the buildings off in the distance didn't make any sense. Then I discovered what the problem is. The lettering of the Coca-Cola sign is backwards. Your photo is flipped in reverse. It's looking toward the direction of the Din Daeng Expressway. I'm pretty sure that's a foot bridge in the distance crossing the road near Soi 2. Soi 8 is actually located on the left side. LOL! The photo must've been taken from a footbridge. Seems like there was one with DK Books on the left side and the Ambassador Hotel parking and micro-zoo on the right. Below is the correct orientation of the image.


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