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Help - Local North Korean Residents In Bkk - Project Help

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I am looking for help from NK defectors living in or around Bangkok. I am currently writing a report at the moment and have a few questions that i cannot find answer to on the internet.

If any of you NK defectors are able to help me or maybe any South Korean residents with alot of knowledge, please can you PM me.

Many Thanks

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WHAT sort of assistance are your group looking for?

There are many defectors and/or agents from various countries around the world, supposedly vacationing here in Thailand, just exactly what are you searching for?

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Rob, I quite doubt that any North Korean defectors are going to be able to respond to your post. I recommend hooking up with a South Korean friend/acquaintance and going out to the Bangkok Detention Center where they are held to interview some of them in person. (In most cases, you will be looking at zero English language skills.) P.S. Take a carton of cigarettes even if you don't smoke. Maybe something for the guards/staff of the detention center as well.

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Seriously, any defectors would do well not to respond to your kind request.

Their lives are at stake, my friend.

If you are really serious about talking to a defector from a specific country, try contacting a remand superintendent who might be able to point you toward the right safe-house.

But if they do that, it won't be referred to as a safe-house any longer.

More importantly, how do they know that you are not one of the molds?

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Go to the North Korean restaurant in Bangkok and talk to the people that work there.

They're not exactly defectors mind, but soldiers in the PDRK army so you may not get the viewpoint that you want.

I don't know the location mind, I went to it when it was in Pattaya and they said they were moving to Bangkok.

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