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Nightmare Pacu

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You have 3 options.

Thicker wire trace. I used 15kg/33lbs strength. Worked fine.

PE line eg 50+lbs braid and above. (best option) Recommend PE5 and above.

Obviously the more strands the better in the wrap. I think PE 5 is 0.37mm.

Thicker mono eg. 50lbs+ Too thick mono is not great for knots. Bigger thai fish don't seem put

off by the line thickness.

As for hooks use a circle hook that will catch in the corner of the mouth often avoiding the teeth unlike a J hook.

The size need only be about 1/4 the size of the length of your little finger. I forget the number.

I'm going to throw in a 4th option.

I've never lost one when using a Suffix 832 braid of 20kg upwards on a standard Gamakatsu hook, although a longer shank hook (Aberdeen style) is helpful.

It helps to use a smallish, popped up bait and the 832 needs changing after each Pacu you land but like I said i've never lost one using this line as a leader. You'll get more hook ups as well, as you know the Pacu are quite finicky on static baits and tend to bite it and run with it for a short distance before committing to eat it, they don't tend to feel the braid whereas the wire traces and heavier lines seem to spook them.

A nice stretchy mono mainline also helps keep abrasion down to a minimum when fighting these guys, as does a flexible 9ft length upwards rod with a soft action to reduce abrasion on the line when they're running.

I found it also helps to pull them up and out of the water asap, because of their body shape direct upward pressure takes it out of them much, much quicker and reduces the amount of time they're teeth have to work on your line.

To be honest i've not used a circle hook on them yet, with the setup i've just mentioned i've landed them more often than not.

I would also add that these are terrible fish to have in a fishery - look at any picture of a fish Mekong from Bungsumram and you'll see the damage the do to the rear fins of these fish. They are vermin in a managed fishery of any size, and best eaten if caught.

dam_n tasty as well...


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^^^ Sorry, I double the line up on the leader as well so if they go through one then you have a back up.


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