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American Murdered In Phuket; Police Hunt ‘Killer Brit’

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Shit people. If you are a decent boxer you do not use a knife... Shit man i hope they take you and you can pay for this.

Do you have a particular method of murder you'd have preferred in this case then?

How droll - not.


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A lot of people seem to no who he is , there is even cctv images of him buying the knife !!! .... Maybe he was drunk , or loss face to being beaten up by the american .. But noexcuse for killing him

He did not buy the knife.. He walked into 711, pushed the staff to the side and stole the knives. He then walked out and walked down the road.

Unfortunately I was there within 10 meters of him.

He stared the brawl by king hitting the other guy and then a fight broke out.

It is not about rival Muay Thai caps or anything really do to with boxing.. Its about a ego driven miscreant that has lived in Phuket for over 4 years. He is a problem where ever he goes and people have nothing to do with him because of his violent temper.

The young guy that died was a ex marine that spent a lot of time in Iraq and Afghanistan and had a few war wounds to prove it. He died by the hand of this asshol_e who went to his flat, knocked on the door and once the door was opened, stabbed him in cold blood.. His girlfriend who was also at the flat feared for her life also.

The altercation in the bar was over an hour earlier, so thats how long he had to think this through. Vicious Animal, I hope he is found and the death penalty is given.. Wishful thinking.

Rip to a great young bloke who was very well liked and he will be missed.

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i met shawn on his 23rd birthday, he was a nice guy, he trained muay thai but told me he wasn't interested in being a fighter as he now hated violence (he was ex us army and had been to afghanistan n iraq).. i doubt the fight was over a girl, shawn's girlfriend was a very friendly and confident thai girl (who was also friends with the owner of freedom) i doubt she would have let anyone hassle her..

edit: bethanysleewer knows a lot more than me.

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What a tragic and meaningless way to die... I'm sure the cops will try their best to catch the murderer.

What I don't understand is why did the victim go back to a shop "near the bar" after he left his gf at home? Was he looking for trouble or wasn't there a shop anywhere else on the island?

My sincerest condolences to the family.

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RIP & condolences to his family and friends. Bad way for a life to come to an end.

On something of a side issue, it seems like there isn't a day that goes by when you don't read about someone being shot, knifed, beaten, raped, robbed, or a suspicious "suicide" happening in Phuket or Pattaya. I'll take Chiang Mai any time.

Wasn't too long ago a string of shit going down in CM too. Guy murdered and robbed by Shan and in a seperate incident the german man shot in the middle of the street in broad daylight...The pedophile monk peddling kids to the old farang guy etc...

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Phuket 'Killer Brit' suspect named


WANTED: British murder suspect Lee Aldhouse, pictured above,

is sought by police for the fatal stabbing of American Dashawn Longfellow in Phuket.

PHUKET: -- Chalong police have confirmed the identity of the prime suspect in the brutal stabbing death of American Muay Thai trainee Dashawn Longfellow in the early hours this morning.

Case Officer Anukul Nookate confirmed to the Gazette that British Muay Thai fighter Lee Aldhouse, 28, is being sought for arrest in the murder of Mr Longfellow at his room at the Ya Nui 2 resort near Ya Nui Beach.

For the previous report, click here.

Mr Longfellow's girlfriend, “Oi”, told the Gazette that he had come on his motorbike to pick her up from work at the Freedom Bar in Rawai at around 1am today.

When he arrived, he had a couple of beers while he waited for her to finish up work, which is usually around 2am, she said.

At some point, Mr Longfellow went to the restroom where he found the entrance to the toilet blocked by Mr Aldhouse and a fight ensued, Ms Oi said.

According to witnesses, Mr Longfellow got the best of his opponent in the brawl before it was broken up by bar patrons and staff.

Ms Oi said that after the fight, the American took her back to his room and left again shortly after to go to a 7-Eleven.

Mr Aldhouse – seeing Mr Longfellow enter and leave the Rawai 7-Eleven – went into the convenience store and obtained two knives and followed his victim home. Police neither confirmed nor denied eyewitness reports that the knives were stolen from the convenience store.

As Mr Longfellow returned home and opened the door to his room, Ms Oi saw the Brit approach her boyfriend from behind.

She said, “At first it didn't look like he [Aldhouse] had anything. We didn't know he had a knife because his hands were in his pockets”. She said a fistfight began between the American and the Brit and the latter pulled out a knife and stabbed Mr Longfellow twice in the chest.

Ms Oi said that her boyfriend rushed inside and shut the door to protect her from the murderous Mr Aldhouse. Ms Oi called the police and an ambulance, but it was too late to save Mr Longfellow.

Police are currently searching for Mr Aldhouse, a Muay Thai fighter who has lived in Thailand for several years and is based in Rawai.

Mr Aldhouse was scheduled to fight former world champion and long term Phuket resident Jomhod Kiatadisak at the grand opening of the Bangla Boxing Stadium last year but pulled out of the fight at the last minute due to injury.

Mr Longfellow, a US Marine, had been in Phuket following a combat injury sustained in Afghanistan, friends said.

Ms Oi said her boyfriend, whom she had been together with for three months, was a friendly, nice and funny guy with many friends.


-- Phuket Gazette 2010-08-14

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So this guy is a fairly well trained MT fighter, who got his ass kicked in public by a former U.S. Marine, and his pride and ego just couldn't handle that. As a 20 veteran of the Marines, all I can say is that he better hope the BIB find him before some very pissed off Marines do. Semper fi...Do or Die! We stand by our own!

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