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Also after some enquiring around from the Local Ampur office and a few contacts I have in the foreign ministary. With this tabien baan I am allowd to change to a Blue tabien baan after five years and am also eligable to obtain a Thai ID Card. This came from the Horses mouth in the Foreign Ministary. To me this sounds rediculously easy, And I'm currenly trying to get this confirmed from other sources in the Ministary.

Kind Regards


I think in this part there is a slight misunderstanding and it must rather read "after having constantly resided for a minimum of 5 years in Thailand a foreigner is eligible to APPLY for a Thai ID Card (= Thai citizenship)".

Alternatively, there is also the way to APPLY for a permanent residence status first which one is elibible to after having constantly stayed a minimum of 3 years in the Kingdom of Thailand. The requirement here is a Non Immigrant Visa (single entry) extended 3 times in annual intervals and other aspects such as for example financial security, minimum knowledge of the language etc. People that have to carry out visa runs (multiple entry visa) are not eligible to apply for permanent residency even if they have stayed more than 3 years in the country on that base.

Upon having obtained permanent residence status and holding it for a minimum of 5 years an individual is eligible to APPLY for Thai citizenship on base of his long time staying in the country.

The list of requirements to eventually obtain Thai citizenship is quite long and the requirements are always the same independant from whether one applies straight without holdig a PR first (reasons of humanity, great benefit for the country, its culture and its people etc.) or solely on time base.

Needles to say that fundamental knowledge of the language is and should be an important criteria for obtaining naturalization in a country but is just one issue to be covered among many more.

The very best that actually comes with residing a long time in the Kingdom is just to acquire eligibility to file an application for PR and/or citizenship but neither one is granted automatically on just being here for a long time. Otherwise, I guess, the Thai ID cards showing "trunk faces" would have already outnumbered the once held by those acquired via birth right.


Richard :o

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Afronaught, good for you. Stranger things have happened in Thailand, so anything's possible. I believe you are the first foreigner I have heard of who has had his name registered in a chanote as the co-legal owner of land.

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