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TV Inside Hot Award Reveals Winners

UPDATE : 17 August 2010

'Dome' Pakon Lam and 'Am' Patcharapha Chaichue have been crowned the hottest stars in the Kingdom as the second TV Inside Hot Award reveals winners in various titles.

Entertainment magazine 'TV Inside' hosted the second TV Inside Hot Award to celebrate its seventh anniversary. Managing Editor, Tatsuang Worakul, acts as the chairman of Thailand Entertainment Media.

Pop sensation 'Dome' Pakon Lam was crowned the King of Hot while the Queen of Hot goes to the country's number one actress, 'Am' Patcharapha Chaichue.

The Hottest Series of the Year belongs to 'Prachan Laiphayak', also starring 'Am' Patcharapha Chaichue.

One of the country's best actresses, 'Chompu' Araya A. Hargett, was seen at the event in a magnificent pink dress, as the award's theme is traditional Thai dress. She was awarded the Sexiest Female title.

The Sexiest Male award went to Omm Akkapan.

The Best Actor award went to Off Chanapon, and the Best Actress award to Kwan Usamanee.

The awards are decided by votes by SMS and the magazine's readers.


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I think it's safe to assume that 'Am' Patcharapha Chaichue is, indeed, hot inside...err, I mean inside hot:


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