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Visa Run To Laos Obtaining A B-visa

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Hi folks,

I would love to get some information regarding obtaing a B-Visa at Laos, Is it posible? Is there a Thai Embassy or consulate in Vientien?

I've been to Laos on a Visa run once before on a 1 Year multi O-Visa but I now need to obtain a B-Visa. Could anyone advise me please?



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^ The problem with Vientienne (at least in getting teachers Non-imm Bs there) is that they seem to move the goal posts every time someone goes there. To be 100% sure I'd have your company contact them and confirm what is needed. Compared to Penang for example they need like a further 5 or 6 documents that Penang don't seem to need (again this applies to teachers).

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