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Good Restaurants in Chiang Rai.

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Chivit Thamma Da Coffee House never disappoints and breakfast is my favorite.

I didn't want you guys getting yourselves too excited at your age. What's good for me is not necessarily good for the elderly.

I have just finished my first trip ever to Chiang Rai - I loved the place. Was lucky enough to go to Chef Sasa for pizza - wow it was fantastic. I honestly think it's one of the best I have ever had.

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Yes Scea, Heaven Burger has the best burger in town.  I have not been at their new place until now last Saturday. 

But from now I will be a regular customer.  Chicken Burger with a small Beer Chang 189 baht! 


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4 hours ago, sceadugenga said:

Lunch at Heaven Burger in Jed Yod Road with a member today involved a grilled chicken burger on a cheese and onion roll with crisp home cooked wedges for 129B.

Good food, good value.

Was it an esteemed member or just a run of the mill one?

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Made it to a packed out Chivet Thamma Da yesterday, we both had fish and chips that we struggled to finish.


With two excellent iced teas and tip the bill was 1000B.

Still the best place in town.



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On 12/8/2019 at 2:38 PM, sceadugenga said:

Finally got to Beers and Restaurant for the first time since they moved to their new location at the New Bus Station.

Well worth the trip with big meals at a good price, the stews and goulash sound great for this time of the year.

I took some cheese from his fridge as well, 200gms of imported blue for 120B will not be beaten anywhere else in Chiang Rai. They have Gouda at a similar price.

Very sociable host as well.


Lunch here today did not disappoint.


I'd like to say full marks to B&R for carrying imported alcohol-free beer at a reasonable price for those that feel like a decent drink and may have to drive or just not drink alcohol for various reasons.


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Give Greens Farm Restaurant, Locus, Chivit Tamada, Manorom, The Wanderer, the pad Thai place near King Mengrai monument, Hungry Wolf's, the fish noodle place near clocktower, the 1st floor food court at Central, the yen tah fa pink noodle place on a little road just west of the main road, the Khao Soi shack just across where "Unique Sweet" coffeeshop used to be (different name now), the vendors outside the main market in the evening or the food area in Saturday walk street.


I eat everything. 😜

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Coffee in the treetops at Zion Drip Coffee just off the Western bypass road today.

Good coffee, nice surroundings and view, yes it was a bit smokey.




A bit hard to find, may be easiest to get the map off their FaceBook page.


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