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Good Restaurants in Chiang Rai.

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New restaurant, Two Lung. 

This place has been opened less than three months. It is a little bit outside town but absolute worth the drive.

The chef has been working 20 years in restaurants in Sweden and 20 years in restaurants in Thailand. He is Thai and speaks very good English and very good Swedish.
In the menu you can find some very special dishes but also some more common dishes.
The family has a couple of restaurants in Chiang Mai and also a small factory making their own bacon, sauces and other things for their restaurants.

I had Fisherman's Friend, Salmon with Mushroom sauce and Cheese, and I must say that this was the best meal I have ever had in a restaurant in Thailand.

I was sitting talking to the chef after my dinner and then I found out that the owner of Bella Pizza is his brother. 
I attach some photos of the menu.

And here is a link in Google Maps so you can the place:  https://goo.gl/maps/bjkeT1fFvHp3dWtd6
Going south on HW 1 passing the trafficlight at the Western Bypass then turn left just after the Caltex gasstation .  Drive 850 m, turn left and follow the signs for  Two Lung.

Two Lung is open Wednesday - Friday 17.00 - 22.00 and Saturday - Sunday 11.30 - 22.00.


Two Lung-11.JPG

Two Lung-8.JPG

Two Lung-7.JPG

Two Lung-9.JPG

Two Lung-10.JPG

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Chivit Thamma Da Coffee House never disappoints and breakfast is my favorite.

I didn't want you guys getting yourselves too excited at your age. What's good for me is not necessarily good for the elderly.

I have just finished my first trip ever to Chiang Rai - I loved the place. Was lucky enough to go to Chef Sasa for pizza - wow it was fantastic. I honestly think it's one of the best I have ever had.

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6 hours ago, XJ650 said:


We found our favorite Deli-girl in Food Wishes Baan Du the other day.  She was before in the deli behind Da Vinci in the city. 


A lot of good stuff in her new Deli. 


Link in Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/vHEm9MdF1N2HUbHC7






I've been told that this is Hans who indeed had the deli near Da Vinci Pizza.

I''ll check it out tomorrow.

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A successful trip this morning, had a chat to the lady who is pleased to welcome her old customers from the previous business.

Don't go too early if you want bread, she said "after 11".


Got some nice strawberries at the nearby Ban Du market as well.


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We made our second trip to Style Paidoi Cafe, signposted as Steak and Coffee, today.

Just off the Route 1207 at the end of a bit of rough track, the food is tasty and inexpensive.

We had Fish and Chips at 109B, small but sufficient for lunch. We saw people ordering ribs and they looked good at around 190B for a half rack.

Coffee was excellent.

Views are good, can only get better as the air clears.


The bottom right hand corner is the intersection with the Western bypass.

Capture style.PNG

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There is a small, very nice, lake southeast of town. Name is Mae Tak.  And there is a small resort, Baan Mai Praimeka, on the lake with a restaurant and a coffeeshop. We have been there 3-4 times and always got very good coffee, great cakes, very good food and fantastic deserts.  

It is a beautiful area and you can take a ride or a drive around the lake. 

Link in Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/LedNUDeXuXxQL6r36


Some photos: 








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Lunch at DeLanna today, we ate inside as you could barely see across the river.

We noticed that one Thai family brought their own air purifier and plugged it in next to their table.


Calamarie Fritti, Fries and pad thai with 2 coffees was 480B, very enjoyable.

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Today we tried a new restaurant, Ing Chantra Vineyard.  It is out in Tha Sai,  nice quiet area not close to any highway. 

Link in Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/QfEE61egVcwQipdb9


We ordered three dishes, Chicken Salad, Spaghetti Carbonara and a fried fish (my wife called it a "Dolly fish").  

Carbonara came within 10 minutes, Salad 4-5 minutes later and the fish after another 5 minutes. 


The service was excellent, the food even better and the bill was 357 bath. 

I have some friends living nearby but no one was at the restaurant. They do not serve alcohol so maybe that was the reason I did not see any friends there(😁).


Just a photo of the Dolly Fish. It was served with a japanese sauce you see in the wooden cup.  That sauce was just fantastic. 


You can see more photos of the place and the food if you go to the link in Google Maps. 






Ing Chantra Vineyard-1.JPG

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This is a great thread, as I'm a Chiang Rai newbie. Living at the Chiang Rai Condotel.

Two inexpensive restaurants close by, on Baanpapragarn Road past the Clock Tower. Soodkhed Steak, free salad bar. Timothy's, just past the curve in the road. A fraction more upmarket. Chicken in pepper sauce, Canadian ham steak. My GF likes Soodkhed Steak, and she is a fierce food critic.

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We're indeed fortunate in Chiang Rai, our large expat community means that there's a wide range of restaurants available as well as a number of bakeries and delicatessens to  keep us supplied with all our food needs. 

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No Friday Pizza at Ban Lom Jen because they are closed.  BUT Bella Pizza in town are still open for delivery or Pick Up. 

And you get 20% cheaper when you Pick Up. 

So we stopped there and ordered a Pizza Caprichosa.  We took a little walk and 15 minutes later we could pick it up. 

But you can order on the phone. 




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