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Good Restaurants in Chiang Rai.

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I only ate there once but they gave me Fajattis with ground beef which is a sin for a for someone who lived in Mexico and Texas. I assume it was a one off  so problem no problem.

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Two weeks ago we - 3 persons - went to Hungry Wolf’s in CR for dinner. The food wasn’t bad, but what I found unacceptable was the meal of person two arriving 10 minutes after person one got served, and it took another 20 minutes for person three to get food - exactly the same order as for person two - on the table. We went to a restaurant to have dinner together..............

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Today we visited เฮือนฮักเก่า&กาแฟสด (Old Huan & Fresh Coffee) in Wiang Chiang Rung.  They call themselves "Cafe" but they are also a restaurant. 

We been there before So I knew what to order, Honey-toast with bananas and ice-cream  together with Coffee Americano. My wife had some Fried Rice Moo. 

Great service and yes, it was delicious and we were very happy. Total bill was 179 baht ! ! !

Link in Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/xqMm7YHgJaeCaac9A 



Old Huan & Fresh Coffee-1.jpg

Old Huan & Fresh Coffee-2.jpg

Old Huan & Fresh Coffee-3.jpg

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